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Bethany Baptist Church

“Happy Birthday” was sung to Kay Johnson and Dan Stillings, Sunday morning. Visitors in the services that day were Dan’s sister, Debra Stillings Bohnstedt, and special guests, Kirk and Bonnie King, whose home is in Springfield. Since this was a Missionary Sunday, there was lunch in the fellowship hall following the morning services. There was an afternoon service at 1:00 and no service in the evening.

Kirk King taught the Adult Sunday school class and Bonnie taught the Teen Girls. They sang a special song before Kirk preached his message, “The Joy of Missions.”

Missions is about obedience. The command was to “go,” preach,” and “teach.” Paul the Apostle had gone to his mission field. He preached that all had sinned and that the wages of sin is death. He preached that the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ were necessary for the salvation of our souls. Not only did Paul preach the gospel, but he lived in a holy manner before the people there and he was seeing people saved.

We have been told to let our “lights” shine so that people will believe our gospel message. Kirk told about entering a 5K Run when he was in his 50’s. He started preparing for the race and got where he was running a mile. He thought perhaps he would run as far as he could and stop. When the race came he ran his mile and when he thought he might just turn aside, there were people with their signs encouraging the racers to go on. He thought that he could not stop there, when he got around the corner, there was another group of people with their signs. So he went on, he finished the race well back, but he finished it. The Christian life is like that. There are people who want to see if this Christianity is real. They want to believe in something. Let others see Christ in you, don’t quit, just keep on going.

Bethany Baptist Church plans to have a booth at “Summer Fest” this week.  Then Sunday, May 25 Sally Sorensen will be graduating. There will be lunch at 12:00 and a graduation ceremony afterward.  Her grandparents, Jack and Sally Sorensen of Nebraska and Don and Doris Taschner of St. Louis, are expected to come for the occasion along with some other relatives and friends. Sally has been accepted and has plans to begin college this fall in Pensacola, Florida.

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