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The Mother/Daughter Banquet was held, Saturday. The theme, “The Lord will give grace and glory,” from Psalm 84:11 was carried out in the decorations and message. The speaker for the day was Darlene Sorensen.

Sunday, each mother was recognized and all the ladies received a bag with the words, “Woman of God, Grow in grace” from 2 Peter 3:18. The bags held a card that said, “Grace! The soil in which we are planted, deeply rooted, secure, and growing.” It also held a small garden trowel and a small paper cross that contained seeds.  The instructions said to wrap the paper cross in damp paper towels and put them inside a plastic bag until the seeds begin to sprout and then plant them in a pot or out in a garden. Grace is free, but if we want to grow in grace we will need to do some work.

A special song was sung by Dan Stillings, Debra (Stillings) Bohnstedt, Tom Stillings, and their mother, Norma Stillings. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message he called, “Moses’ Mighty Mom,” Exodus 2:1-10.”

Pharaoh had ordered that all boy babies should be killed, but this mom saw that her baby was a goodly child and hid him. Pastor Bob noted that a mother will see her newborn as “beautiful” no matter what anyone else sees.

Moses’ mom was an example of a godly mother who trusts God with her children. When she had done all she could to hide a healthy active three month old infant, she put him in an ark daubed with pitch, and set him in the river where there were crocodiles, snakes, and the possibility that if an Egyptian found him he would be killed in obedience to Pharaoh. She gave what she loved most into the hands of God.

Her faith in God was honored when the one who came along was one of the few in the whole kingdom who could save her son. Pharaoh’s daughter saved his life, and put him in the place where  Moses could get the best education in Egypt. On top of that Moses own mother was hired as wet nurse for the infant. It pays to be obedient and faithful to God.

The Stillings family had lunch together at Ruby’s Family Restaurant after church, Sunday. Those present were Norma Stillings, Dan Stillings, Alan Stillings, Jody Stillings, Stanley Stillings, Tom Stillings, Joyce Greenwood, and Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt.

Next Sunday, May 18 Kirk and Bonnie King will be guests at Bethany Baptist Church. There will be an afternoon service immediately after lunch in the fellowship hall. There will be no evening service.

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