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How quickly the weather goes from one extreme to another. One night we had temperatures hovering near the freezing point and then a couple of days later we have temperatures in the upper 80’s and some said they had mid 90’s. The temperatures inside the church will be close to 70, but when you go outside you have to adjust. So don’t put the sweater in the cedar chest just yet, you may need it again.

The Mother/Daughter Banquet will be held Saturday, May 10 from 12:00 to 2:00PM. The women who are planning to attend should let Darlene Sorensen know, so that she will know how to plan.  The mothers present Sunday morning will be honored.

The church enjoyed “Pizza and Movie Night” with good homemade pizza and a movie from the story of Hosea in the Bible.

“Happy Birthday” was sung to Norma Stillings, Sunday morning, who celebrates a birthday this week. Darlene Sorensen sang a special song accompanied by her daughter, Sally Sorensen at the piano.  Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message he called “Five Porches” from John 5:1-9.

There was a pool with healing power near the place where sacrificial lambs were sold. There were five porches where there lay a great number of people who were sick, crippled, blind, etc. They waited for the troubling of the water and the first to enter the water would be healed. There was a man who had been disabled for a very long time, who could not get into the water without help. Jesus asked him, “Wilt thou be made whole?” The man stated that he had no man to help him. Jesus said,”Rise, take up thy bed and walk” and immediately he was whole.

We are all born with a deadly disease, called sin. We are condemned to die and go to hell and we are unable to save ourselves.  No amount of money or good works will give us an advantage, but Jesus has mercy upon us. He will not force us to be saved. We have to agree. That is why he asked, “Wilt thou be made whole?” Our answer should be, “Yes.”

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