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Bethany Baptist Church

A memorial service was held for Bobbye Priddy, Monday evening at the church. There was a dinner for family and friends afterward. The good attendance at that service was a testimony for how well Bobbye was loved, not only by the folks at Bethany Baptist Church, but by many in the community.  The service and the attendance would have pleased and maybe surprised Bobbye, if she could have seen it, and maybe she did.

There would have been even a few more in attendance if there had not been the loss of electric power in parts of Ava that kept some members from being able to attend. Jim Corder brought his generator so that there was air conditioning and lights at the church.

Michael and Pam Eastridge were guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday morning. Michael and Pam sang a special song before the preaching services at 11:00 and 1:00. He accompanied them on an Omni-chord; which he said was like an “Autoharp on steroids.”

Michael brought a message he called, “Time for Harvest,” Some people love gardening, but it is not the digging, planting, watering,  and weeding that people look forward to, but the harvest that comes later. Jesus looked forward with joy to a harvest of souls, but before that harvest there had to be sorrow and rejection, much pain and suffering on the cross, and his death. But he arose and because he arose there will be a resurrection day for all the believers. The trumpet will sound and those who died in Christ will rise first. For the saved it will be a day of joy, but for the millions left behind it will be tragedy.

The time to win souls to Christ is quickly passing. The day will come when no more souls can be saved. Someone has to care enough to take the gospel to the people they know before the harvest is ended and the reaping begins.

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