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Ava Saddle Club

The Ava Saddle Club held their first saddle series fun show of the year on April 12.  We had a great turn-out with a total of 247 entries. First place winners in each class were:

Brittney Nielson on BR Bonanza Bell, Hanna Stafford on Bailey, Robin Deck on Cajee, Brittney Nielson on BR Bonanza Bell, Hannah Stafford on Bailey, Jason Van Houden on Dude, Brittney Nielson on BR Bonanza Bell, Jess Stafford on Que-Ball, Jamie Melinkoff on Nathan, Hailey Searcy on Freckles, Ashley Hicks on Judd, Robin Deck on Cajee, Lauren King on Star, Ashley Hicks on Judd, Yvonne Carpenter on Demi, Taylor Long on Appy, Shiloh Searcy on Pilgrim, Lori Henderickson on Opal, Hailey Searcy on Freckles, Dylan King on Cowboy, Lori Henderickson on Opal, Keely Thompson on Sassy, Dylan King on Cowboy, Lori Henderickson on Opal, Lauren King on Star, Dylan King on Cowboy, Yvonne Carpenter on Demi

The next fun show will be held on Saturday May 12 with a rain date of May 18. Check our Face Book page for times and more information.

The monthly meeting was held on May 5. The new ceiling has been installed and looks great. A committee was formed to research options for arena improvement and they have already started on that project. There will be a work day on Friday May 9 at 4:00 p.m. to get the grounds ready for the Saturday fun show. Anyone who wants to come out and help is welcome. The next regular meeting will be held on June 2 at 7:30 p.m. The saddle club is located on Hwy. 14, ½ mile west of the intersection of Hwy. 5 and 14.

Some of the events coming up are the June fun show on June 14 and the Missouri Family Rodeo on June 21. We’re really excited to have Missouri Family Rodeo back in our arena again. They always put on a good show! If you’ve never been out to the Ava Saddle Club you should come on out and see some of the fun, family oriented events we are having. Or bring your horses and the kids and join in!

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