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Ava Place 2nd annual Spring Fling and yard sale were a great success.  We appreciate all those who contributed.  The funds that were raised will allow the residents to have activities they would not be able to afford otherwise.  We are looking forward to many fun times!  In the past they were able to purchase a nice TV for the dining room, as well as, book cases for the resident library.  They have gone to a show in Branson, as well as, enjoying places like Rockbridge and Gainsville’s Hootin An’ Hollerin’ days.    We appreciate all so very much for supporting Ava Place!

On July 27th we will have a booth at Heart of the Ozarks annual Independence Day Celebration.  We look forward to seeing you all their.

“You’re My Somebody Special”


Ava Place is starting to publish a weekly “You’re My Somebody Special” spotlight. All residents of Ava place will eventually be spotlighted.  I must say it is a lot of fun interviewing the residents and learning of their early life and their wishes. Today’s spotlight is Betty Rainey.




Betty Lou Mehlberg was born to Otto Herman Mehlberg and Lilly Florence Harvill on November 15, 1923 in Raymond, South Dakota. Otto and Lilly had two beautiful daughters, Betty and her sister, Gladys Florence Mehlberg. Gladys did not like her name so Betty always called her Dickey. Gladys passed away in her 50’s. She had two boys, Larry Eugene and David Lee. Larry’s sons are Aaron and Christopher. We all know and love Aaron. He is the new owner of Clarity, the old Radio Shack. Aaron and his wife, Kelli, have helped their Aunt Betty out in any way possible for many years.

Betty was married three times first to Paul Wadkins for eight years. After being single for a while she married Werth Edward Becker. They were married for six years. Her last marriage was to Harold Ellis Rainey Jr. They were married for several years until he passed away in 1975. Betty never had children of her own, however, Jr. had two children that she loved and cared for. She enjoyed being a step-mom. Edie calls her Mom daily. They are very close.

Playing the guitar was one of Betty’s favorite past times. She played with a group called Country Caravan. Her Aunt Martha and Slim Wilson played with her. Lloyd Evans was their announcer. Betty played from the time she was a little girl. She said she could only play three strings when she started because her hands were too tiny. When asked what her favorite things are she answered CHOCOLATE! Anything chocolate! I love chocolate!!! Her favorite food is meat. Any kind of meat! Betty loves to read. She always has a book in hand usually a Christian love story. She reads her scriptures daily. During breakfast you will always see her reading Psalms. She enjoys watching preachers on TV, her favorites are Day Star, John Hagee, Joel and Victoria Olsten. Betty and her mother took three painting classes and watched Ross on video to learn how to oil paint. They enjoyed this hobby and their time together.

Betty worked for Reliable Life Insurance Agency in Springfield for 24 years. She was the only office girl they had. The company covered a large part of Missouri. She said that all she had to work with was a calculator and a pencil or pen. There were no fancy phones, computers or internet. Everything was done by hand, even taxes. She was very thankful for her great math skills. She has always loved math.

Betty is a tiny little thing. Her heart must take up most of her body. She is so sweet and loving! She always wants a hug and to let you know that she loves you. She enjoys her visits from Kelli and the kids. She knows so many people in Ava and has deep roots here. Betty drove herself everywhere until the time she moved into Ava Place. She still has an active driver license and car. She hopes and prays she will be well enough again to drive and be back in her home. She has made many friends at Ava Place. She has many “angels” that help her out here. Betty is a blessing and a ray of sunshine to us all.

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