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Tecumseh Lilly Ridge

As temperatures dip low early gardeners are covering up their plants.

Leroy Davidson told us he has green beans growing already. There are vegetables that survive cold very well, but most need warmer soil. We have been known to have cold in the month of May. The cold wave and light snow is coming from Kansas at this writing. We usually have what we call “blackberry winter” when they are in bloom. Lots of fruit bloomss get frozen causing smaller crops. Some orchards use spraying water to save their fruit.

Karen K. Davis and I will be going to Mountain Home Thursday for my eye doctor appointment.

There was a baptismal service Sunday at Lilly Ridge Church and Pastor Dale told us there will be others the coming Sundays.

Maxine Shanerman called Saturday from Nixa and told of her 90th birthday celebration recently. She hopes to go with her niece, Jamee, for a visit in Kentucky with her sister Letty (Shaw) Moss.

Shane Pendergrass was busy over the weekend preparing his garden soil for planting. I call him a Master Gardener.

Gainesville Chapter 432 O.E.S. held their April 14th meeting Monday evening. Joy Cutbirth is our District Deputy and Worthy Matron. Bob Arnett is Worthy Patron and Terri McConnaughy is secretary.

I have some writings of my sister, Edith Adamson, where she wrote articles of history and facts.

First of Seven Wonders of the World are the Grand Canyon, (that she and husband, Lloyd saw one time), Niagra Falls (I have seen), The Great China Wall, The Egypt Pyramids, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Eiffel Tower.

More news next week Keep warm!

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