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Here’s hoping everyone had a great Easter Sunday, good church services and even an Easter egg hunt if that was possible.

Memories of mine are the many years I enjoyed having my own hen eggs from the hen house, dying them pretty colors for the children to hunt and see who found the most for their baskets. We even had some candy eggs from the store.

I had a call from my great-granddaughter Alexus with my daughter Kristin Luebbert in Tillamook, Oregon at Easter time. And greeting cards from friends and a new pen pal in Brookville, Indiana. She keeps up with my column in the West Plains Quill paper. They have property in the Thomasville area.

I have memories of my sister visiting with cousins there in the 1930’s. Some of who I never met. Also an Aunt Myrtle (Reese) Gale lived in Birch Tree and Mountain View in years past.

It was good visiting by phone with a friend Doris Treiber Tuesday evening. She had her first hummingbird as soon as she put out her feeder of sugar water. So a scout was probably there watching for their supply after a long flight from Mexico back to the states.

When I put out my feeders and didn’t add food coloring to the water the “hummers” haven’t come so I am adding color to their feeders.

Jerry Miller had son Mark and his son Dustin over Easter and they brought friends so all enjoyed their Easter egg hunt.

Best wishes to Phyllis Long who fell and had surgery in West Plains and is now in rehab in Mtn. Home.

The late Bonnie Reid’s daughter, Beverly, in Springfield is having treatments and better health is wished for her.

Sympathy to the family of Ginger (Louise) Robbins Chittum who passed away. Her services wer Monday.

Granddaughter Dana Taylor mowed my yard, but there is still cleaning and weed eating to be done and the April showers are making the grass grow faster.

The DOW Three County Extension Club April meeting was well attended on April 15th, at the Tecumseh firehouse. We had some visitors and held a silent auction benefiting cancer patients in the wig program. The program on Cherokee heritage was by Paralee Rea which was enjoyed by all.

News of Alma Weiss falling and breaking pelvic bones was disturbing to hear. She is in Gainesville Healthcare.

Mike and Jackie Davis, Steve and Janeen Ator, Jerry and Jerry Ann Lash, the Davises friend – Tannis, Beth Nickelson and Edith McKinnon, Bob and Wanda Bowling all had lunch at Cookie’s in Theodosia. Bob and Wanda Bowling drove up the Glade Top Trail after lunch.

Edith McKinnon accompanied Dennis and Amy Galyard to the new library at Mountain Home and ate lunch at the Black Bird Café last Thursday.

Everyone enjoy the spring showers for they bring May flowers.

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