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Last Weeks News – The purple martins were here early in March and I think would have been happier if sparrows hadnt occupied their martin houses as they did. It seemed they managed to move in at least part of their territory. They are such good birds to have around getting rid of a lot of insects.

Best wishes to all who have had bad colds, some had stomach flu Also those of us who have allergies from the pollen in the air outside. Soon the forsythia  and japonica shrubs will be in full bloom.

Congratulations to Kim Moody and Jay Roberts who will be married at 2:00 p.m. April 5th. Kim is the youngest daughter of the Dan Moody’s.

Mark Miller spent time with his Mom, Jerry Miller and Lee celebrated his 50th birthday. Dustin, his son, celebrated his 24th on April 4th in Nixa. He works for Wal-Mart. Larry Miller from Memphis, Tennessee visited three days and took care of several jobs for his Mom, Jerry, about her place.

A report of damage to crepe myrtle bushes has been reported in Arkansas, where a black scale covers the stalks and limbs. A solution is to wash them with Dawn dishwashing liquid in a gallon of water. It only takes a small amount of the detergent for a lot of suds. Brush on thoroughly.

I had a nice telephone coversation with a former Gainesville resident, Judy Ford Lyons of Springfield, Monday. Her mother, Eloise Ford celebrates her 94th birthday April 7th. Happy Birthday!

Roger and Mearl Satterfield fished in the Bass Cat Tournament Saturday where over 400 boats with two occupants in each were on Bull Shoals Lake.

Richard and Rene Blackburn celebrated their birthdays on Saturday, March 29th, sharing the same day.

How many folks remember our state flowers is the Hawthorn or “Red Haw?”

This Weeks News – With lots of thunder at 4:30 a.m. Monday morning we got a hard rain. It will make the grass grow.

Jerry Miller stopped by Monday morning on her way into town. She has been busy helping her grandson fix up her rent house for him to live in the near future. Jerry had kept some house flowers for me this past winter. One is called a “heartbreaker” plant.

The Easter Cantata by the community church choir members will be Sunday evening at First Baptist Church in Gainesville.

Helping me with yard work last Saturday was my son, Lyndon Pitcock, wife, Linaia, and daughter, Mindy Jean Wright. Mindy’s little girls, Chloe and Quinn, 2-1/2 years and 7 months were kept inside with me so we could get acquainted. Grandson, Tyler and Mindy’s husband helped also, and were here for the day.

The DOW Meeting of Extension Clubs will be hosted by Ozark County at the Tecumseh firehouse Tuesday, April 15th.

Business meeting at Lilly Ridge Church was Sunday evening after regular services, this time was singing and some specials also.

Johnalee Suter finally got better after bad siege of stomach flu. She was very ill for some time recently.

It is beginning to be such a pretty time of the year with redbud and dogwood and pear trees full of blooms here and some peach trees. Apple blossoms will soon be pretty. Nine are a little later than pears.

Congratulations to Bob and Janice Arnett, also Jay and Kim (Moody) Roberts. Both couples were married Saturday.

A thought to remember is that “chains do not hold a marriage together, but threads which people sew together through the years.”

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