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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Prayer requests today April 6:  Servicemen; cancer patients with additional prayer for Sue Lathrom, Jim Cox, Fanda Cain, and Marsha; church family- Shelby Moore, Sharon Marler, Lois Flageolle, Gary and Kaye Garrison, Renfrows’ grandchildren, Roy Dennis family, Jesse Mills; others today- Billie Alton and Max Yarber.

The choir did a special, as well as, Carla Bates, Sharon Renfrow, and Gary Garrison. Evening special was by Sharon Renfrow and Gary Garrison on their guitars.

We appreciate the beautiful spring flower arrangements from Spice Berry.

Special visitors today:  Samantha and Nicole Sellars.

Recent birthdays:  Loretta Ellis, Kate Junge, Phyllis Virtue, and Roy Dennis.

Gary Garrison was accepted as a member of Rock Chapel.

Upcoming Events: April 11- Ladies attending concert in Springfield.  Call Helen Batten or Sharon Renfrow if you would like to ride with them.  Communion during Easter morning services with no evening service.  Picnic and play date for youth on April 26th.  Vacation Bible School from June 9-13-see Sandy Housley for more information.  May 12-14- Adult Retreat in Spgfd- see Pat Moore for more information.

Sermon by Bro. Rick:  Psalm 103, Hebrews 11 and Luke 10.  In Psalm, we should remember all the remarkable things about God’s nature.  Think about all the good things-his forgiveness, redemption, his mercy and patience, his love for us, etc.  God wants us to succeed just like we want our children to succeed. Bro. Rick shared a story about his son graduating from the naval academy.  Rick and his wife Helen drove all the way to Chicago to watch him graduate after he finished boot camp.  They were so proud, just like God is proud of us when we succeed at something.  God wants us to be healthy, happy, and well.  Bro. Rick thinks God stores up memories of our lives, just like we do when we put pictures in a photo album.  He remembers the positive faithful moments. Bro. Rick thinks our photo albums start on page 1 when we get saved.  God says, “I’m proud of you”.  Just like in Luke 15:7- there is joy in Heaven when someone repents.  God is always looking for the positive things in our lives not our faults.  Everyone makes mistakes, but when you get saved, your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, so we should not worry about our faults.

Visitors are always welcome.  Contact:  Rick Batten- 683-5657 or 250-0918 or Helen 250-0917.

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