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A good morning to all our friends, neighbors and our readers. We hope everyone had a great Easter and good week and remembered the Easter holiday is not the bunny, but the Risen Jesus Christ our Savior.

We send get-well wishes to all the sick ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.

Our sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. May God bless you in your time of sorrow. Our thoughts are with you.

We send greetings to all who has a birthday at this time. May you have a great day with many more to come is our wish for you.

On Thursday we had our monthly dinner with 24 residents and 10 guests attending. Our hats are off to the six ladies who came and fixed our dinner and served all of us. It was a great meal and to Peggy Greene who played and sang for us.

On Sunday 4-13-14, Ken and Charlotte Willis celebrated their oldest son, Kenny’s birthday. They had children, grandchildren and three great grandchildren for dinner and a birthday cake after church.

Emmalyn and Ellis Stephens stopped by to visit and see their great niece, Kenny’s granddaughter, Tecumseh Dawn. I am sure that there were other family gathering I am not aware of.

The tulip bed is very pretty. I have had several onlookers and comments.

I, Norma, spent two days in Springfield at the doctor’s offices the past two weeks.

Have a good week, try to stay dry and cool in the heat from the sun.

Until next week, Jesus loves you.

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