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Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  It was wonderful to hear the pitter patter sound of rain falling on our roof yesterday morning.  We needed the rain desperately.    I pray we get more soon.

Easter Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day.   Anticipation was high to Worship our Risen Savior as the congregation at Red Bank sang hymns of Praise.  Gary Lirley led the early morning song service and Jake Hampton led the music for Worship service.  Brother Lauren gave a cheerful welcome to members and guest.  He also reminded everyone that our Bridge the Gap with Fun, Food and Fellowship along with the Ladies Bible Study Group, led by Tattie Maggard, will meet, separately, at 5:30 next Sunday evening.  Everyone was invited to stay, after the morning service, and enjoy the Easter meal prepared by the ladies of the Church.

Even though the story of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, God’s only Begotten Son, is told in the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Brother Lauren chose to preach the Easter sermon from Matthew 28: 1-10.

In these particular Scriptures we learn that the women, who had stayed close to Jesus throughout and after His Crucifixion were, of all His followers, the most faithful.  They were the first to see Him, after his foretold Resurrection, and the first to tell others of this miraculous happening.  Brother Lauren pointed out that the first four Gospels of the Bible tells of the multitude of witnesses that God provided to prove that Christ, indeed, did raise from His grave on the third day as prophesied in Isaiah.  Said Brother Lauren, “If we cannot believe the evidence of Christ’s Resurrection then we cannot believe anything else presented as fact to us in this world.” Brother Lauren went on to point out that let alone the testimony of at least five hundred people who witnessed Jesus walking, talking and eating with them, His Resurrection was also accompanied by many signs and wonders such as earth quakes, sudden darkness, the Temple veil being ripped from top to bottom, the appearance of an angel from Heaven, graves opening and the sight of many dead saints which slept, arising from graves to walk again among the living.  All of this was a picture and pledge of our own Resurrection.  Like Jesus, one day the grave will not be able to hold us.  When that day comes, His Children will be gathered to live with Him in His Heavenly Home.  Like those in Noah’s time, we that are His will be safe on the Ark.

The Easter fellowship meal that followed the service was wonderful.  The food was in abundance and the atmosphere was loaded with love.  The children were thrilled to find that there were colorful, candy filled eggs to hunt and enjoy after they had finished their meal.

For the evening service, Brother Lauren began a new Bible study in the Book of Jonah, another big, little book of the Bible.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Gates enjoyed an Easter meal with relatives.

We missed having Tattie Maggard and her daughter, Zori with us on Easter Sunday.  Tattie had been sick with a cold last week, and little Zori came down with the same symptoms over the weekend so they couldn’t attend.   Quite a few people are having cold and flu symptoms lately.  Allergy to the abundance of pollen floating around us is probably the reason.

Don’t forget to plan on attending the Alumni Banquet on May 3rd.   Several classes are celebrating with their classmates.  The class of 1959 is celebrating their 55th class reunion.  Gary and I are a part of that class.  Several others that live close around here are also.  We have several events for our classmates to attend if they can.  It is arranged that so that we can have a meal together at the Rockbridge Restaurant on May 3rd, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. and then have time to visit together at the nearby Mill House from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.  A school room has been reserved to meet in before the Alumni Banquet from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Feel free to call me at 683-5991 for more information.  We hope classmates from other years and all our teachers will come to visit with us and join in our celebration.   It’s going to be fun!

That’s all the news for now.   Take care.  Prepare to be on the Ark.

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