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Red Bank Church

Greetings to everyone.  It seems that we are in for another storm today.  I hear we may even get some hail along with the rain.  I hope not.

The Red Bank Church service began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  He also gave the morning welcome.  It was announced that our monthly Praise Night will take place next Sunday evening.  Also, our Church is planning to enjoy a meal together on Easter Sunday, April 20.

Our speaker for the day was Ted Cain, from the Gideon organization.   He brought a very interesting talk about how the distribution of Bibles leads many to be saved.  He told of one instance where a man that refused to accept the gift of a New Testament, in a fit of anger, threw it away high in the air.  One would think that it was a wasted effort to even offer him a free Bible, except for the fact that we are promised that God’s Word will not return void.  At the moment the Bible went into the air, there was a man working on a nearby roof.  He was quite startled when he was hit on the head by the Bible.  It was such an odd thing to happen that the man decided to pick the book up and open it.  Turning to the Book of John he began to read about how much God loved us; even enough to allow His only begotten Son to die on a cross to pay for all our sins.  Realizing that he was also loved that much,  he crawled off of that roof and asked God to forgive him for his sins, save his soul and make him a new creature in Christ.  The man’s life was changed at that moment.   Our Church members were overjoyed to help finance the purchase of more Bibles for distribution around the World.  Every dime given to the Gideon’s is used, only, to buy Bibles with.

Gary and I received a call on Saturday that our pastor, Brother Lauren Page, had been admitted to Mercy Hospital for treatment of a serious Heart attack.  Gary and I called to find out his condition then drove to Springfield on Monday to pay him a visit and see how he was doing.  We were happy to find out that with he was doing quite well for what he had been through. He will, possibly, be dismissed today.  He said that he plans to be back to fill his place in the Church pulpit next Sunday.  I told him that he could preach shorter sermons for a while until he gets stronger.  He grinned and said that he had already trimmed his sermons down to thirty minutes so maybe if Gary could lead in a few more hymns he would have to trim the sermon a little more.    We love Brother Lauren and would enjoy listening to sermons that lasted an hour if he felt led to speak that long.   He has quite the humor.  We are all praying for his recovery.

While at the Mercy Hospital on Monday, Gary and I also visited with Larry Clayton who is also a patient there.  We found that his wife, Lynn, and his daughter, Lisa, were also staying in the room with Larry to care for him.   Their children take turns helping Lynn care for their dad.  They have a wonderful, caring family.  Please remember Larry and his family in prayer.  They need our prayers desperately.

Our daughter, Mitzi, was also in a Texas hospital for an operation to remove her Gall Bladder.   We talked to her on the phone after the operation and she said that she was home already and doing fine so far.  They sent her home about two hours after the operation.  I was in the hospital a week after my appendectomy.   Procedures are done much differently now days and one does not have to spend so much time recuperating in the hospital.

Visiting with Maxine Lirley was Jeane Huff and Alice and Gary Lirley.  Maxine said that she has been feeling well lately.  She keeps busy teaching the Bible and helping others.

That’s all the news for now.  Take care.  Continue to pray for one another.   Prayer changes things.

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