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4-14-14. Well, it’s that time of week for me to complain about the weather again. Last I heard I still could because of the right to free speech and free press. Of course when anyone complains about others who complain, I guess they don’t realize they’re doing the same thing. Hmmm. That being said, I’ll get right to it. On Friday it got up into the lower eighties, with all sunshine. What a really beautiful day. We couldn’t ask for more. Then Saturday it rained all day and turned cold then Sunday we had rain all day and night and storms. There was a tornado on the ground and headed right for Tipton warning us to take cover. So about the time it was supposed to reach here we got in the bathtub with the bathroom door closed. But our old knees and legs wouldn’t let us lay down, so I sat on the edge with my feet inside the tub and Walt just stood in the tub. He grabbed a couple flashlights and took them in there and I grabbed both my phones and a radio, which I found out didn’t have any batteries in it. It had an electric cord, but I never thought to plug it in. Anyway, we survived thank God. All we’ve seen so far was a really, really big tree down here in town this morning. It was in a yard right by the road and they had cut into big pieces and it was all green. So it must have been a strong wind to blow that thing down. So it went from low eighties on Friday to the low twenties last night and rain, snow and north winds today with high supposed to be around 38 degrees today. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow and 46 degrees so we’re going to the Q.C.A. to do the things we do once a month over there. They’re working on a bridge somewhere, the way we usually go so we’re going to to Muscatine, cross the river there and go up the Illinois River Road. We’re going early and stop and eat breakfast at Lisa’s then stop and eat lunch on the way back.

I hope it works out that way anyway. I saw in yesterday’s paper where Lois Fitzgerald had passed away. She and my mother were first cousins. So she would have been my second cousin. In all the years I’ve lived in Iowa I always meant to call her and like I do everything else I put it off until it’s too late. I knew she would be getting pretty old by now, but didn’t expect her to be 97. My deepest sympathy to all members of her family. It looks like the snow and rain have stopped, but it’s still windy.

Last night Anita and I were on the phone back and forth because of the tornado. Berta had called to see if we’d heard about the tornado and was concerned about us. And Anita and I were concerned about each other. Also Walt’s daughter, Mona, called fromTexas to see if we were okay. She was in Plano close to Dallas with her daughter, Mel, who lives there now. We were concerned about them too because that whole area was in dark red. So it was a worrisome night, but glad we all survived. Also thinking about family in Missouri.

Well, as usual, ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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