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4-7-14. Hello there everyone.

How’s it going? Fine I hope. We’re getting some nice weather. I’m really glad for that. We had a good weekend. Candi sent a text to let us know they had an antenna to bring to us on Friday, but when they got here they also had a new 32″ flat screen tv for us. How nice! We like it. The older ones are just too heavy for us to lift. The one I had in the living room is a “newer” old one with a flatscreen and dvd player. I’m going to give it to grandson, Jared, and his family. They may want it for Zoie’s room. I had bought another antenna and they brought one, but neither one was strong enough. They brought in a few channels really good, but not enough channels. So we will take them back and I probably will wait and talk to someone who has one and see how it works.

I seem to be at a loss for any news again. No one calls me with news so I guess I will try to get around to making some calls and try to coax some news out of somebody. Sorry I can’t do better.

Ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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