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3-31-14. Goodbye March 2014. We won’t see it again ever. Best I remember it came in like a lion and supposed to go out like a lion today with showers and thunderstorms. It’s supposed to rain everyday this week except Tuesday (tomorrow).

We’re supposed to meet great grandson, Jacob, for lunch in Muscatine one day so I think I’ll try to make it tomorrow. I think Anita is off work so I will let her know and maybe she will join us. We haven’t seen Jacob since he helped us move so we’re looking forward to seeing him again. He sure did a really good job helping us move. Everyone did.

I’m still going through things here and trying to get rid of a lot. Then I need to go back to the house and get a few more things. I’ve already got some things bagged up, but haven’t had a chance to get them. I’m afraid the house will be torn down on the rest of it before I can get down there. Especially with the spring rains sitting in, but as I always say, I can’t complain, thinking of all the people in Aso, Washington who have lost everything, including their loved ones, and most of their own lives. How awful. Such a terrible situation and the rescue workers in mud to their waist and even higher and some digging with their hands. I’m afraid they’ll step into a hole and be covered up too. May God help them all. It makes you want to go there and help them, but not much I could do.

And of course there’s the missing airplane. How sad and frustrating that is for everyone. And  all the searchers have been working so many hours and getting so weary I’m afraid they will have an accident. So compared to that I certainly can’t and don’t complain about some rain here, or if I lost the rest of my things in the house.

We have been seeing lots of Robins all around in the yards here looking for food. We like to see them. They’re such nice, peaceful birds. They don’t bother each other or anything. Just walk around minding their own business looking for food.

I’m now going to try t.v. antennas to use inside and try to get rid of cable. I never had a company treat me so bad as they have. They’ve lied to me about everything they’ve ever told me except so far they’re keeping their word about my telephone. I look for them to start messing with it too. Now they’ve got me paying over $70 per month just for cable and doesn’t include my phone. Everyone I’ve talked to I’ve told them I signed on for $51 per month, but nobody will tell me why I only got it that way for two months. I’m just one step above basic now. They told me basic would be $50 per month and I told them that’s what I signed on for about 90 channels. I think they’ve took some more off, but that’s okay. The first antenna I got isn’t strong enough so I may try the best one next. My contract will be up in August and I want to try to get an alternative going before then. Sorry I didn’t intend to get started on that again.

We had a nice surprise one evening this past weekend. Candi called and said she and Jarred were on their way home from Iowa City and would stop by if we would be home. So we were, and they did and we had a nice visit. They said they will come back next Friday to visit and we’ll all go out to eat somewhere. So we’ve got that to look forward to. We heard from Walt’s son, Randy, in a round about way. His friend, Jim Brewer, was checking on him and forgot he had the multi texting set on his phone. So we found out through him that Randy’s semi was broken down up near Chicago and he was getting it fixed. Otherwise he was okay. Ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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