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3-24-14. Good morning from my little part of the globe. Everything is going pretty good here. Just a chance of snow showers today and the weather is supposed to be warming up after today. Not real high, but much better than it has been for so long it feels like forever.

We’ve been pretty busy lately. I got good results on my routine bloodwork. Dr. said to keep doing what I’ve been doing. Last week we went to Lujack’s in Davenport. We went to Illinois to take care of some business. Yesterday we went to Lisa’s Family Restaurant in Muscatine for my birthday celebration. How nice and what a joy that was. Walt’s (our) daughter, Berta and her fiance Denny came down from the QCA to be there. Walt’s (our) niece, Renee and her husband, Joe, from Muscatine were there. My (our) daughter, Anita and her hubby, Carl Kelly from Muscatine were there and Anita’s dad, Trevis Twitty. The only one’s missing were grandson, Jared (he was sick) and his family, Carrie and Zoie and great grandson, Jacob, was missing, so that left a void and I missed all of them.

I appreciate everyone for the cards and gifts, but most of all for being there with me. I told Walt on the way down there that being with our family and him makes me happier than anything in the world. I hope we can all get together again for Easter. Oh yes, Lisa’s fiance, Joe, came in yesterday long enough to eat so we at least got to see him. It was the first time we got to meet Renee’s husband, Joe, and we really like him and we’re happy for them. They haven’t been married very long and we’re also very happy for Berta and Denny as well. We like him a lot too. I need to get this ready for the mail, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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