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I hope everyone has been out enjoying this beautiful weather!  We have spent several evenings over the past week or so, enjoying the warmth out on the front porch watching the sun go down.  It is so peaceful to finish the supper dishes then sit out there watching the cattle up on the next hill, hearing the frogs down at the pond, seeing the blooms on the apple trees and enjoying the antics of the chickens in the yard.

I don’t mind a few nasty days every once in a while now after such a spell of nice days, so I won’t sit here and complain that I’ve had enough of the cold because I know that it’ll soon be gone and I will long for the chill of the night air again.

I know everyone reading this lives in a basically small town and the papers that publish this article are based in some of the best little towns I know.  Each one has some of our favorite places to frequent.  I laughingly commented to my husband that I would like to take certain places from each and gather them together in what I would consider my favorite town of all.  For example, one town’s beautiful square with all of its old trees, another town’s farm store, a feed store from another town, our favorite Chinese restaurant from another….etc.  Has anyone else done that or am I just the odd one again?  I simply love where we live and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

We stopped in at the farm store last weekend and asked about their brand of cat litter.  The gal was honest enough to say it wasn’t really good which means a lot to me.  The last time we ate at the Chinese restaurant, the familiar waitress got our drinks without asking because she knows what we like.  My favorite grocery store sent home a few old watermelon bins with me to use for chick brooders and my latest favorite is when I went to check our post office box, there was a note in there with a phone number to call somebody that was looking for chickens!  Talk about personal service!  You don’t get that in a big fancy city.

Speaking of chickens, we finally got the dirt work done on another coop and got a few different breeds moved into it.  The roosters sure are happy to get their hens to themselves!  The little French Blue Copper Maran chicks are too big to be in with the Serama chicks anymore, so we had to fix two more brooders up for their temporary housing.  The ducks are enjoying tub time each day.  I have to tell you that it doesn’t take money to have fun.  Just put a few ducklings in your tub, it’ll do your heart good!  One incubator is completely full with more Serama, Icelandics, Double Laced Barnevelder and even some Bantam Cochin eggs that we got in the mail through an egg swap.  My husband put a fan in our other incubator and I’m fixing to fill that one with more Lavender Orpington, Barnevelder, Icelandic and French Blue Copper Maran eggs.  Warning….it is an addiction.  Hello, my name is Sharon and I hoard hatching eggs!  If you see me out, don’t mention chickens unless you want to listen to me for at least thirty minutes.

In other news, we are still expecting a calf.  Ms. Fashionably Late, has begun to show a bit of udder, but no calf yet.  We still haven’t found anyone to take a tractor tiller to the garden, but that’s ok since it’s raining now.

And the biggest news of the week:  the hummingbirds are back!  The scouts have been sighted and feeding at the feeders so you better get your feeders out.  I’m not sure what such an early appearance means, but they are here!

Have a blessed week!

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