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What a beautiful rain coming down this morning!  With all the threat of nasty weather last week, I am glad it didn’t turn out to be as bad as they said around these parts.  The rain has caused the pastures to green up nicely and the ponds to fill.  The cattle are enjoying it and not eating as much hay anymore, which is very nice.

We are still waiting on another calf.  This cow is always the last to do anything.  She is the last one up for water in the evenings, the last one to come in close for some cow candy and the last one to calve every year.  Her calf is the one I’m really excited about and this waiting makes me crazy.  Animals sure teach us patience, at least they have me.

Waiting on duck eggs to hatch has truly taught us patience too.  Some popped right out and others took a few days to finally hatch once they started pecking through the shell.  Now that the duck hatch is over, I have learned that a duck can take up to four days from when it begins to “pip” in the shell, to when it finally hatches completely.  This information would have been extremely helpful for me last week.

We spent last Saturday cleaning out the “barnyard” coop (barnyard is our general mix of birds for eating eggs).  So much good stuff for the compost!  Don’t let me fool you to think it was a breeze.  It has to be one of the nastiest jobs to do after winter is over, but we got it done.  We white washed the roost and several other parts with a few of the hens walking all over it during the process to inspect our work.  It was pretty comical.  Several bags of pine shavings, a good heavy sprinkle of lime and we were done.

The garden has been sorely neglected and needs a good plowing, but I can’t find anyone to hire for it.  Our neighbor has graciously given us permission to use his great big plow, but I don’t want to bring up that much rock.  We have a tiller, but this section is on a small grade and might be rockier than I care to use a tiller on.  Decisions, decisions!  I might just procrastinate myself right out of a garden this year!  Can you imagine?

A few things we have decided on are the fruit trees for the orchard in honor of my Father.  My Father led a Life Group on Sunday evenings with other members of his church.  One of the gifts they bestowed on our family after his death was a gift card for several fruit trees in his honor.  We choose a Red Haven Peach, a Jonagold and a Haralson apple to add to the orchard.  Through the planting and harvesting of these fruit trees, my Father will still be providing for his family for years to come.  We also plan on blessing others with the fruit of these trees to continue to nourish others physically in place of how my Father dedicated his life to nourish others spiritually.  For those of you who have been so kind to ask, my Mother is doing wonderfully.  She has had a few health issues through this stressful time, but has really bounced back well and greets me every morning with a joyful text, usually with scripture in it.  It really starts my day off well!  Thank you for all of your prayers through this time, they have been greatly appreciated!

Have a blessed week!

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