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There are lots of peeping chicks here in these parts!  On Saturday, we had lots of fun at the Fordland Swap Meet.  For those of you who have never heard of it, let me tell you about it.  Fordland hosts a small animal swap meet that people come to from miles around, even Oklahoma.  It is one of the largest in the area and held the last Saturday of every month during the warmer season at the Fordland Saddle Club beginning at dawn and ends around noon or before.  Once people are sold out, they will pack up and go home.  The trick is to get there as early as possible.  This time, there were people there with flashlights before dawn already buying what they liked.  You can find just about anything you’d like for the farm or a pet for your home there.  Some of the things to choose from include almost every variety of ducks, geese, peacocks, chickens, quail, doves, pigeons, guineas, parakeets; piglets; goats of every shape and size; and rabbits of just about every color.  I didn’t get a good look at everything this time, but that is a list of some of what we saw.  There were also cages for sale, canning equipment, Amish baked goods and lots of other yard sale type items.  Other animals I have seen there include Llamas and a monkey.  Even if you aren’t in the market to buy anything, it is a fun time for the children to see animals they might not usually see.

This past Saturday was the first one of the year and I believe it will continue through October.  It was so fun to visit with our “chicken” friends that we haven’t seen all winter and meet new friends!  One sweet lady I had only visited with online, but was able to meet her at the swap.  She brought me a beautiful little Serama hen.  We were expecting to get several French Blue Copper Maran chicks, but it was too cold for them since they were only a week old.  Long story short, that afternoon we drove up to Marshfield to pick up the chicks and let me tell you how cute they are!  French Blue Copper Marans come in several different colors or shades.  They grow into beautiful birds with bright copper feathers on their necks and a bluish gray body with feathers down their legs and on their toes.  Some are a lighter blue and some are a darker blue that are referred to as a black.  There is also one that is called a splash, which is a lighter color with blue splashes on them.  They are extremely docile and very sweet chickens that lay very dark chocolate eggs.  We put the chicks in with our Serama chicks.  The size difference was perfect because the Serama chicks are about one month old and the Maran chicks are only a week old yet they were a bit bigger than the Serama chicks already.

After getting all the chicks situated, we took a moment to double check the temperature in the incubator and discovered we had chicks of our own hatching!  So far we have had a few olive eggers and Sebrights hatch, we are still waiting on the ducks since they take longer.  Believe me when I say, that there are lots of peeping chicks here!  I don’t know what is more fun, watching chicks hatch and to see what they grow into or spending time with friends that love having chickens too.  We enjoy encouraging each other, telling chicken stories, sharing sorrows of losses, trading hatching eggs, supporting one another with knowledge of care and housing.  There is one sweet gentleman that is always there when we need to know what to do or where to get something or has some great chicks for us.  He is a great example of what we should be for others too.  It is those that make this little hobby fun!

It seems I am full of chicken talk today, but there isn’t much else going on around here except getting ready for the big annual Texas State Fiddle Championship, which means there is lots of fiddle music going day and night.  Fiddle music and chicks cheeping.  Life is good!

Have a blessed week!

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