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Maybe it’s true, maybe spring is here after all, there was no snow, sleet or ice anywhere at church this Sunday “at least at Oak Grove,” except what was in the refrigerator freezer and that didn’t cause us any traffic problems.

Our Sunday school lesson was about Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the reasons for some of the things he did, in fulfillment of prophecy from the Old Testament. Brother Eddie is a good teacher and makes each lesson interesting and easier to understand, come join us for Sunday school and you will see what I mean.

Our morning worship service message was, “Dust, and no, we did not have a single vacuum cleaner demonstration. We began with the statement of the creation of the first man, “out of the dust of the earth” accompanied by the confession of the Psalmist, that “we are but dust and ashes.” I think there was even a reference to one of those time tested old ballads, from the 1970’s, “Dust In The Wind.” You should have been there, to make sure we connected all the dots, oh no, that was at the evening service.

Our evening service was, “Obedience, the Demonstration of Faith,” in many different places in the scripture we find references to the way God reacted when those he spoke with “Obeyed.” The result of obedience was always good for the one who obeyed. For Abraham, he and his descendants received the title to Canaan and became a great nation, God’s chosen people; because Abraham obeyed God.

Israel was delivered from bondage, because Moses obeyed God, you and I are offered salvation through Christ Jesus, because he obeyed the Father.

We’re saving you a seat, come and join us in worship service, the benefits are really out of this world, God bless.

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