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Mt. Tabor Church

Church began with singing, our devotional, and many, prayer requests. We continue to have folks from our congregation with health problems, as well as family members. Again, we are always aware of all those who have lost loved ones, and what a empty place they have to deal with.

Brother Ric continued with his series, “I Am”, by reading John 10:11-17, I am the good shepherd. This was a most interesting message. You know from experience that babies, any sort of pet or animal, recognize your voice, even when they are very young. We should be the same way with our Lord, do not follow any another voice.

Mt. Tabor will be having Easter Sunrise services, with breakfast and Sunday School to follow church at 7 p.m.

The workday at Piland Youth Camp has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 12. I’m sure your help would be greatly appreciated.

Martin Hathcock’s company last week was Pat Smith and Ronda Soto.

Those visiting Myrl Cox recently have been, Norma Lambert, Jenna Davis, Haley Richards and Garrett, Paul Cox, Jeanne Cox, Buster Davis and Mckenzie Mitchell. Myrl has been under the weather, our best to her.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown were in West Plains, Tuesday evening, helping with their grandchildren, Jadon and Kayley.

Those stopping by to visit Tom and Jewell Elliott were Marvin Loftin, Mike Loftin, Albert Elliott, Shaun and LeAnna Elliott and children, James Elliott.

Jeff and Kristy Tackett spent Friday night with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Later, they drove on down to Mtn. Home to spend  time with Tim and Teri Mullen.

Martin Hathcock visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, with Dan and Kim Clements visiting Tuesday.

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