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Little Creek

A good slow spring shower is in progress this Monday morning after a most beautifully perfect Easter Sunday.

It was good to be joyfully together with my church family in the Lord Jesus’ House one more time. I sat on the pew with my two sisters and then heard a good Easter message from my daughter-in-law, Ruth. My great nephew Tony Ingerson and my niece, Jamie sang three songs to a very receptive audience and Danny taught our lesson in the 14th chapter of Revelations. The gang of eager kids gathered baskets full of every color and decoration imaginable of Easter eggs.

We came home and Aaron and Ruth had dinner with me.

Aaron visited with Noel and Barbara Scott and had one dinner with them and came and had cantaloupe with me.

Saturday Kasey and Terry came to mow my yard and stayed for supper.

And Karen came Sunday evening and we had a good time talking.

Charlie has been my only other visitor coming late Sunday evening after spending the day with Mike and Lucy and family.

We included our adopted sister, Lorene Maloney, in our prayer list Sunday. She is to have hip surgery the 24th. I got it mixed up last week. And I will be in Springfield the 24th for an appointment with my pacemaker and defib doctor.

My younger people are practicing for a chili and side dish competition during the next holiday. Cookers are supposed to use iron dutch ovens, I believe. I will write more later when I get details and so that I don’t write something inaccurately.

I refer to them as my younger people because some are now reaching the older category of 60 years. Not naming any names but the youngsters were just children yesterday it seems. Time is fast and fleeting, something we don’t realize until we get older. But those days with our kids gave us priceless memories.

Greg and Karen had Greg’s family for a cookout Sunday.

Kasey and Terry entertained Natasha and Robert, Terry’s daughter and boyfriend, over the weekend.

Norval and Robyn Tetrick were with family during Easter. Norval’s sister, Shirley and brother, Cleon and Kathy were here visiting from North Missouri. All were together at Floyd’s and Amy’s for a fish fry.

Those spending part of the weekend and Sunday afternoon with Jim and Jean Frye were Tim and Katrice Kirlin, Tony and Becky Ingerson, Justin Moore and girlfriend Chelsea with Wyatt and Brock, Katelynne Ingerson and boyfriend, Ronnie, Jamie and Danny Dry, Benji Dry and Cori Dry and boyfriend, Cody, Rusty Frye, Brandon and Wendy Tetrick with Brittain, Brady, Whitley and Kendra and Kiya Head and boyfriend Brad. Altogether there were 27 enjoying a ham and fish fry dinner with lots of sides. The little kids had so much fun wading in Little Creek as their elders did when they were little. Wading didn’t last long until they fell into the water and their parents couldn’t scold too much remembering the many times they had done the same thing.

Jim and Jean have eight grandchildren, twenty great grandchildren and four great great grandchildren. I must say a large lovely family.

Have a blessed week and God bless us all!

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