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I have certainly appreciated the nice spring days the Lord Jesus has given us. I have green onions big enough to eat and my lettuce is coming up.

Kasey mowed my yard already and he will mow again this weekend. I appreciate my kids, every one of them.

Kim and my great granddaughter came a week ago and spent two nights with me. We had a wonderful time.

We went to Ava and spent an afternoon with Jody who had a birthday the 5th. Kim brought his birthday gift and mine also. I already have a gift from Ruth – hand embroidered pillowcases and from Robyn – hand crocheted dish cloths, and Kim many things.

All appreciated so much. Kim is a couponer full time. She gave me cleaning supplies, personal items, food and miscellaneous items. She got it all free or for a very small amount for a few things.

It has proven to be worth while to say the least, but it takes a lot of time and dedication.

Other visitors have been Karen and Nicole, Kevin, Aaron and Ruth, Kasey and Terry, and Charlie.

I had a welcome call from Christine, my stepdaughter and a sweet letter from my good sister-in-Christ, Betty Burton. I am looking forward to a promised visit very soon.

I hope everything is well with Lorene Maloney. She was to have surgery on her other knee. My prayers are for better days now. Lorene is a dear friend and we go along ways back.

She gave me news which I neglected and I apologize for being so slow and forgetful lately.

Now I can’t find the page I saved. I still can’t believe how age affects our abilities, but I’m living proof that it does.

Betty writes and make me regretful that she can’t wait until she gets the paper on Monday and that she looks for my news from home first thing. I must remember to send something in for my friends that tell me the same thing.

I guess I ramble because I sometimes don’t have much news, but as I’ve said before, I just begin to write whatever comes to mind.

I appreciate all of you who read my ramblings and I appreciate you telling me that you like to read my items.

So one item I will include is on the subject of Buzzard’s Roost. Bethlehem was our church and someone gave it a second name of Buzzard’s Roost. No one seems to know who or why. Anyway, I have fond memories of Sunday school and church there with all my family when I was growing up. It is the place where I was saved. Mom, Daddy, Jean, Jo and I walked over the hill to services. I loved the cards we got in class each Sunday with a Bible picture and a story. I wish I still had my cards.

Well to get to the part I wanted especially to share with you was the paragraph Betty wrote me of her memory of Bethlehem.

She amd Rack moved to the Beasley place from California and she started going to church there.

One Sunday they were having communion and foot washing. Foot washing was a common occurance in the Pentecostal churches back then. They didn’t have anyone to sing for them during this part of the service. Betty says Sister Audree asked her to sing and she sang herself under conviction and asked God for forgiveness and she repented and started her life serving Jesus. She says she’s never been sorry. She thanks Jesus for that day of shouting and praising God, and for His saving grace. I’d like to say Betty has been a faithful Christian and loved by everyone who knows her. My kids like hearing from Betty and Lynda.

Betty recently had a pacemaker put in and it is helping. In fact she set out onion sets this week.

I have been going through my quilt room sorting and sharing. I have Karen and Nicole and Kim and Allison lots of fabric, only keeping enough to use when I can.

Robyn and I go to quilting club and I’m still hemming quilts although it is getting harder because my hands go to sleep. In other words they become numb and hurt for awhile.

I have been a club member for a very long time and I hate the though of not contributing.

I went to our sewing bee when Mom and Aunt Audree and many friends quilted at Clark and I was to become addicted. There was no escape. I was destined to be seen in public with threads to be seen on my clothes, to carry an abundance of fabric from every available source, and raise children who would enter kindergarten with a great knowledge of square and triangles (“why that’s what Mom sews together to make quilts!”).

Quilts of every pattern that there ever was have been quilted at Clark and later The Nimble Thimble Club for many years. Quilts are our symbols of good times past, that will never come again until our Lord comes back in the clouds of glory.

We reminisced of those good old days yesterday, Sunday at my sister Jo’s house. It was her birthday and daughter, Vickie, and son, Chris, cooked dinner for her complete with cake. It was a wonderful time together especially wonderful because Jo’s granddaughter, Vanessa Delp and husband became the parents of a son named Koby Russell. I saw pictures of them all on Facebook and the baby is a cute one.

Jo now has several great grandchildren with two more in the making. Congratulations to ya’ll.

I spent a good afternoon with my baby sister and my niece Vickie and nephew, Chris.

Kasey and Terry are appreciative of the help from family and friends in putting the siding on his house that was burned off. They got a lot done, but there is still a lot to do.

Helping one another has always been a practice in our neck of the woods, and still is. I would like to say I appreciate also to those helping.

I must get this ready for Robyn to mail. So have a good week. This roller coaster weather makes that hard sometimes, but we adjust each time it changes even if it’s spring one minute and winter the next. God bless us everyone.

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