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Hearts were sad Sunday at Garrison Church. Everyone missed Mary’s husband, Buddy Gibson. When Brett Stevens our Sunday school superintendent started our 10 a.m. services five year old, Mylea Bertholdie, told her mom, Abby, she wanted to sit with Mary because she was alone. Tears flowed seeing her sitting with Mary. Our church sure loved him.  Thursday James and I, Mike and Brenda Popovich, Zelda Jones, Sue Rozell, Joel and Sue Blevins and Tyler Rozell from Garrison Church went to Mt. Vernon for the funeral. My cousin, Huba Rozell of Chadwick and friend, Avaline Harris of Springfield also attended. James and I and Mike and Brenda went to the cemetery. They went back to the church and had dinner with family and friends. James and I came on home. He will be greatly missed.

Attendance was 53 at Garrison.  Cora Michael sang a very good song. It went well with the communion service. James preached.

Sunday night Scott Newell sang and Rev. James preached from Mark 15:31-47. We welcome you to attend our Sunrise Services and hear about the resurrection.

Sunrise services hosted by Garrison Church and will meet at 6:30 a.m. at the church and follow to the location. If bad weather, services will be at the church. A large breakfast will be served after service. For more information please call Pastor James Orick at 417-683-2689. The church is located on hwy. 125 between Chadwich and Bradleyville. I am looking forward to seeing you on an early Sunday morning.  No Sunday night services due to family gatherings.

Jerry Nelson stopped by while James was working in the yard. He had several family members at his home Sunday. His grandson, Jerry Powell, is working for the railroad now.

Saturday evening I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill, and grandson, Keith Williams, as they were planning a big Easter with her family.

Bo Morrison, Phyllis Bloomer and grandchildren visited George and Janice Morrison. Janie said they are having Sunrise services at her church, Mt.Olive. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Have a great Easter, enjoy it. Remember the real meaning of Easter and celebrate in the right way.

We have a great physician who raised His own Son from the dead and He cares for you.

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