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People are wondering if spring will ever come. We have had such odd weather.

Sunday at Garrison Church 61 were present. We had two visitors. Melany Stevens sang. That lady has a beautiful voice. Justin David sang. It is always good to have him at the services. He travels a lot with a singing group. We miss people when they are not there. God blessed James with two good sermons.

Next Sunday is Communion Sunday. The following Sunday will be Sunrise Services located behind Kelly Jones home.

Monday, Buddy Gibson passed away. He was able to drive and enjoy life. He passed away at Cox Hospital in Branson. He was a good Christian  man. Sympathy to the family.

Buddy is Bill, Randy and David Guerin’s step-dad.

Phyllis Bloomer visited Janie and George Morrison Monday. The Morrisons are having to go to the doctor more than they care for, but feeling better.

Monday James and I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb.

Chloe Woford called her cousin, Junior Halcomb and her husband is not doing very good. He needs your prayers. Chloe is Jim and Jessie Morrison’s daughter, around our neck of the woods she is sugar babe. Sorry I missed your calls Sugie. Sugie is what her family calls her.

Sunday I enjoyed visiting my sister, Sybil Harvill and grandson, Keith Williams. We told a few hunting stories.

Bub Payne, Brett Stevens and Colton Jones had a very good white bass catch Saturday. They were in a boat. It seems like most are having better luck out of the boat fishing than bank fishing.

Jerry Nelson enjoyed his kids and grandkids visiting. Gary Harris has helped him a lot while sick. Jerry has been ill, but he is better.

Lou Rains’ sister, Ann is in bad health and had to give up her home. She is the former Ann Barr.

Hope everyone has a great Easter. Remember why we celebrate it. Remember the death, burial and resurrection.

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