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Are you like me wishing April shows some sign of a warmer spring?

Kay (Nelson) Goodwin’s visitation was  Sunday at Adams Funeral Home, graveside services were at Harvill Cemetery Monday. Rev. James Orick did the officiating and he also asked Carroll Caudill to sing. Leo and Bertie Nelson’s children and Martin and Stella Caudill’s children were raised close together and spent many hours together. Carroll did a good job. Kay had a great personality and will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Sunday at Garrison Church 57 were out for services. Lisa and Wyatt, Melany Stevens, Cora Michael, Hailey Roberts and Jeena Guerin sang. Bro. Scott Newell preached for James Sunday night. We did not attend due to a full day Sunday. Sunday’s message was from II Timothy, verses 14-19. I like where it says, the Lord knoweth them that are his.

Get-well wishes sent to Ronnie Hall who had an accident. Several others are having surgeries.

Edna Hawkins celebrated her 101th birthday in March. Hang in there Edna. James and I visited my cousin, Kirby (Coy) Nelson at Kay’s visitatiion Sunday. Coy’s 103rd birthday is in September.

It was birthday party time as little Miss Amaris Siler celebrated her first birthday at her home with parents and sister, Brad and Patty and sister, Adalynn. Others helping to celebrate were grandparents, John and Connie Siler, great-grandparents Bob Siler  and Junior and Betty Halcomb, Aunt Amanda and Brad Evans and family, great uncle David Halcomb.

Sunday Kegan Evans celebrated a late birthday at his grandparents, John and Connie Siler’s. Helping him celebrate were John and Connie, his parents, Brad and Amanda Evans, Hope, Kaylee and Araina, Uncle and Aunt, Brad and Patty Siler and Amaris and Adalynn, great grandparents, Junior and Betty Halcomb and Bob Siler and great uncle David Halcomb.

Happy belated birthday wishes sent to my niece, Vickie (Halcomb) Murray. I enjoyed visiting by phone with her recently.

Phyllis Bloomer and Dillon Morrison visited George and Janie Morrison.

Some are having good luck fishing and some not so lucky.

Remember…men and fish are a lot of like…they both get into trouble when they open their mouth!

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