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Hello from our home to your home. Let us say a fond good-bye to the month of March-it has just flown by, but our forsythia is blooming, yes, just a tinge of yellow is showing, but it will develop rapidly.  Hoorah for Spring!  Our residents are going outside in short sleeves and enjoying the feel of the sun on their faces.

It is good to see so many residents using the gym and work is coming along on the new part and that will make us first having a first class therapy gym.  Shelley Mustain is the director for our therapy rehab program.

Tuesday was resident’s council meeting and we all decided that we have a wonderful place to live in.   We chose to have pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw and strawberry shortcake for our resident meal.  The weather has cleared up so that we can start our van rides again, along with the Branson trips.

I haven’t mentioned  our newly appointed Dietary Manager, Marci Caudill, a splendid young lady with fresh ideas, very pleasing ideas.  Of course, we are elderly adults and knew she has to follow state menu rules to a certain extent, but she can plan how it is served and work-in her own ideas.  Go, Marci!

Girdner Church presented a Christian program last Sunday afternoon with good music and devotional with a good crowd of residents and visitors gathered around.  In the name of the home we expressed our appreciation and thanks.

John Garner is anxious to get our garden started.  He has promised us some huge tomatoes.  Many other residents like to plant a little something, so we usually have other things planted too.

We would like to give our appreciation to everyone who volunteers to help our home be a better place.   Vic Murdy is our Chaplain, he also leads a men’s Bible Study and does a couple of music programs during the month.

April 6th  Gentry Church was here for the afternoon service, and everyone had good worshipping with the good people from Gentry Church.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Trenta Jones, Margaret Frye, Gary Frickle, Howard Sinclair, Vonna Hathcock and Bonnie Bolding.

Congratulations to Carl Smith on getting to go home this week.  Carl will be missed around our home, we enjoyed him singing the old tunes.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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