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We have had an awesome week in the Lord this week at Goodhope General Baptist in revival with Bro. Nathan Humbyrd. The Holy Spirit was there each night and what a blessing to see people get saved and be blessed. Others rededicated their lives. We must witness to someone, invite people to church. There is no greater satisfaction than doing the will and work of the Lord.

Norma Cross has friends from Ozark that spent the night so they could attend the revival. Many from Ozark and all around came out to hear Nathan preach.

Kenny and Seth spent the weekend with Norma. They are from Springfield.

The roadways are so pretty with the rebud trees blooming. The dogwoods will start blooming before long. There is no place like the Ozarks for pretty trees and wild flowers.

The grass has started to grow, that means getting the lawn mowers ready to start mowing. My grandson, Matt Maloney, came up and helped me get the yard cleaned up.

Kailey Thompson spent the weekend in Springfield with Autum Groth. The Groth’s use to live in this area. Kinsey and Kyle Thompson came down Saturday. After visiting a while they informed me, Pauline Richards, they wanted to make a garden, so look out, we will have lots of veggies this summer. Haha. I told them it would be a while before making a garden.

Ray Cunningham called me Saturday morning to tell me that his brother, Paul, that lives in Texas was not expected to live. His 97 year old mother, Ruby, and his sister, Lavon, flew down there Saturday. Then I heard yesterday, Sunday night, that he had passed away. They were raised in the Rome area.

Freeda Richards had company last week. Karl her son and his daughter, Jan, and her son all from Rolla. It was good to have Freeda in church yesterday.

My son, Danny Maloney, called this morning to ask if we are getting rain. He said it was raining good just north of Sparta. He tells me he has got his garden ready to plant soon.

Hebrews 3:13, “Encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.”

Our attendance at Goodhope General Baptist Sunday was 90.

Bro. Lance welcomed everyone, had prayer over all prayer requests, had good congregational singing, had a good handshake. During handshake I had a very pleasant surprise, my granddaughter, Kaylie Brown, came up to me while I was playing keyboard and gave me a hug. I did not know they (Rod, Lisa and Kayli from Seymour) were there. They surprised me by coming to be in our church service for Easter.

Our special was by Katie West and Susie Adams. Tithes and offerings were received after prayer and children did penny march. Bro. Matt Jenkins read scripture from Romans 5:7-9. Then Bro. Lance Stillings read Matthew 16:21. Both Matt and Lance did a fine job bringing forth the word of God. Our pastor, David Welsh chose his message from Luke 23:33-46, Luke 24:1, II Corinthians 13 and Romans chapter 8. What an awesome spirit-filled message. We had communion then Pastor Dave opened the door for candidates to join the church. What a blessing to have James (Shorty) and Valerie Guerin and their two sons to join the church.

Sunday afternoon was our day to go to the nursing home. Those going went to the fellowship room for sandwiches.

Sunday night we had a “God Bless You” service. We heard lots of good testimonies. After dismissal prayer we went to the fellowship room for sandwiches, etc.

Sunday dinner guests of Sue was Granny and Pappy (Ervin and Lodean) Rod, Lisa, Kayli, Jerry and friend Susie, Ron, Judy, Pam and Cody, Steph and Shay and Dianne. We had lots of good food, each family brought a side dish to go with chicken and dumplings. We had a nice visit and good fellowship.

Kailee Woodall, hope you had a Happy Birthday last Saturday and Happy Birthday to Darrell George on the 23rd.

If you don’t have a home church, come join us to worship at Goodhope General Baptist. You’re always welcome.

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