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Goodhope News

Sunday attendance for worship was 96 at Goodhope General Baptist. Our revival started Sundaywith Bro. Nathan Humbyrd. A soul was saved both Sunday and Sunday night. Hearing good preaching.

Specials Sunday morning were by David Lafferty on piano as he sang and Kenny and Annie Goin’s son-in-law did a special on piano. Sorry I don’t know his name. Both did good.

The fish fry Saturday night was a huge success. Compliments to all chefs – side dishes were brought in. Everyone enjoyed good food and the fellowship.

Rod, Lisa and Kayli drove out to help Sue with some things then went to fish fry with her.

We got some good rain Sunday and Sunday night, but I don’t like storms.

Larry and Lynn Clayton came home from hospital late Sunday, please hold them up in prayer.

Norma Cross and Pauline Richards spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning in Branson. They were guests of Pete and Sandra Jenkins from Fayetteville, Arkansas at their Holiday Hills condo. We all went to see Jonah at the Sight and Sound theatre.

Thursday Pauline drove to Sparta to pick her daughter-in-law, Beth Maloney, up and they drove to Springfield for the day. Part of the day was spent having lunch with Holly (Maloney) Tubbs. We had a very good visit. Friday Pauline’s grandson came up from Forsyth to work on her road.

Norma Cross drove Lisa Cat to West Plains Thursday on business. She attended Leonard Halls flower reading Friday evening. The lunch for Leonard was at the V.F.W. after the funeral Saturday morning. It was graveside.

Jeremiah 7:11, “As this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold even I have seen it saith the Lord.”

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