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Girdner Church

We had some really good services at Girdner this last week. Our Revival started Wed. night and then sunrise service Sunday morning. We had some really great messages, songs and  testimonies. We even got to hear a little shout when one rededicated her life. We are so thankful for God’s blessings and His touch. Thankful for all who came from other churches to help out.

Please continue to pray for all the sick in our community and those who have lost loved ones.

Sunday morning Sis. Maxine’s message began in Matt 28: 1-7. I couldn’t help but think as she read , how the two Mary’s must have felt as they reached the sepulchre that Easter morning so many years ago.  To think they were just going there to see a grave their beloved Jesus had been placed in, and then to find that stone rolled away, and an angel to give them such great news, that he had risen. He was not there! Our Easter weekend has come to this time, when Our Jesus has risen, He is alive! I have always thought it to be such sad reading of  our Saviour being betrayed, being rejected, being so cruelly crucified. All for you and me. But then on that 3rd day, He  shows us He really is Lord and King! He has victory over the grave and shows Satan who is number 1! All the while Jesus knew, from the time in the garden, as he was in such agony with the Father. From the time He was kissed by Judas, it was to be a sign to the soldiers who He was. When He stood before Pilot and they chose Him to be the one to be crucified instead of Barabbas. He knew what would happen as they led Him to Golgotha. He could have called to the Father, to stop it all. But instead He took it all. He knew on that 3rd day, He would rise again. He knew we would have this most wonderful promise to share with all our family and friends. That on this day, we celebrate Easter morning, That our Jesus came forth from the grave. He had layed down His life just for us, that we might have a choice to make heaven our home someday should we choose to serve Him. I am so thankful for a risen saviour who gave me this opportunity to have a better life than this one we have here on this earth. I was thinking of the verse that was quoted, if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

One of the Pastors who spoke this week said there was no problem too big  for God, and as a matter fact there was no problem too little for Him either! Isn’t it wonderful to know he listens and hears all our problems, no matter how big or small, and answers them all the same. Sometimes it may not be the way we want, but it will be the best for us.

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