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Girdner Church

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Leonard Hall family on the loss of their loved one this last week.

Also for those who are fighting with health issues and pain, our prayers are with you.

Lots of good things happening at Girdner this week. Hope you all can come and join in. I feel like the Lord is gonna be sending us some real blessings this week! Revival starts Wed. night at 7 p.m. then each night we will have a different preacher. Sunrise service at 6 a.m. on Easter morning, breakfast to follow.

Bro. Jim and Sis. Maxine had a visitor this week, her brother, Trevis Twitty, is visiting from Iowa. It was good to have him with us Sunday night.

Our singing was Sunday night. Bro. Larry says they get better and better, and he is so right! We had special singing with, Bro. Leon and Sis. Wilda,  Bro Bernie and Sis. Lena, Bro. Gary picked a group to sing with him, Bro. Paul, Sis. Wilda, Sis. Connie at the piano and Sis. Tillie sang. Just when we thought everyone that was gonna sing had sung, Sis. Mary’s Aunts, Sis. Ruth and Sis. Betty from Ill. and Ark. sang and they were amazing! All our singers were great, we just didn’t expect such great voices from these little ladies that had been visiting with us. They certainly had been hiding their talent from us, but now we know! I love it when the Lord blesses in such a way!!!

Sis. Maxine preached from 1 Cor 1:18- Speaking of the Jews requiring a sign and the Greeks seeking after wisdom. Sis. Maxine said as a child she learned after a little discplining from her parents what “you shall, and shall not” meant, as I’m sure we all learned. In the word there is a lot of shalls, and shall nots. If we take the time to study it, and ask God for the wisdom he’d have us to receive, he will give us that. As Sis. Maxine has been sharing the voices around the cross with us, this week she touched on  all who had “bumped ” into the Lord at the cross. Our prayer is as we start this revival this week and have been already praying, for a special blessing  on each who preaches, sings, testifies, that if there be anyone who comes and don’t know the Lord they will bump into the Lord, and thir lives will be forever changed. Sis. Maxine shared a story with us , I’d like to share with you all as I close.

A  little girl was wearing a necklace that had a nice, shiny cross on it. A older gentleman said to her, “Young lady, did you know that Jesus didn’t die on a shiny cross like that, he was crucified on a old rugged cross, it wasn’t shiny.” the little girl replied, “Yes, but my Sunday school teacher says that all that Jesus touches, becomes forever changed and new!”

As we celebrate a risen saviour this week, at this special time we have set aside to do so, If you don’t know the Lord, may you accept him into your life and be forever changed.

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