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Girdner Church

It’s a beautiful day the Lord has made today! The sun is shining and the birds are singing. I think they are telling us spring is almost here.

We went to see a movie in Springfield Saturday, God’s Not Dead. It was a very good movie. It sure gives you something to think about. It was kind of along the same as the Facing the Giants, Courageous, and Fireproof.

We have been doing some role playing on Wed. night with the children. We have been doing the stories of Jesus on the way to the cross. Last week Peter heard the cock crow three times as he denied Jesus three times. The kids really enjoy doing role play, and sometimes we get a little loud. I think we may finish up the walk to the cross on flannel graph the rest of the month!

We had a very good nursing home visit Sunday. It’s always good to visit and share God’s word and songs with them. It’s especially good to hear their testimonies and once in awhile they even sing for us. They were down in number to attend services this week, the flu had some where they weren’t able to attend. Let’s all remember these very special people up there, they have all given us such great memories through the years. May God bless them in a special way.

Sis. Maxine continued with voices around the cross this Sunday from Mark 15:33-39 and the Centurion said,” Truly this man was the Son of God.” The centurion had a mind change. He came as one who maybe didn’t believe Jesus was who he said he was, but his mind was changed. We can sometimes be stubborn people, strong willed, not willing to have our minds changed, not willing to accept that Jesus died on that cross just for us. Not willing to live our lives for him and be willing to stand for Jesus, and tell of all he has done for us. If we plan to make heaven our home, we will have to do this. As Sis. Maxine said Sunday this is just a passing through place for us, we are just sojourners, this is not our home. Our eternal home awaits us when this walk of life is finished. Let’s all make preparation to go there.

Sunday night Sis. Maxine’s message was from Luke 10:17-20. Is your name written in Heaven? The seventy returned with joy, that the devils were subject to them through his name. I like what he told them in the 20th verse, but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven. We may get excited over a lot of things, want a lot of things, but this needs to be the one thing we need to get the most excited about. Is our names written in heaven? If it’s not, let’s seek God’s face and ask his forgiveness, be willing to accept his forgiveness. He says in His word, if we ask He will save us. Let’s share what God has done for us today!

Sis. Maxine mentioned a song in closing Sunday evening. When we were all just kids, my nieces and a nephew, (he wasn’t very old) we would get together, and sing this song. Steve  would sing the bass part. Now let us , Have a little talk with Jesus, let us, Tell Him all about our troubles, He will, Answer by and by… And you will, find a little talk with Jesus makes it right! This week, let’s have that little talk with Jesus, and He will Answer!

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