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Well good rainy Monday morning to all my friends and neighbors.

I still believe spring is coming. Don’t know just what day it will be here.

So many things going on around here, but nothing to write about.

We had real good services at Frye Church yesterday. Roger did a good job on the lesson of Jonah and then Bro. Jeff’s message tied right in. Roger and Telesia did a really good job singing for us. They just don’t do it often enough.

Well as long as it’s cold I guess I’ll try to work on another quilt top. Then when it gets warm I’ll go out and plant some flowers.

Randy’s boys came down and cleaned my yard. They did a really good job. I can see why all the old granny’s in Seymour are calling them to work in their yards. They do a real fine job.

Burley just brought me more propane. Maybe I won’t have to buy any more this fall.

Well like I said no news here so I’ll sign off this time. Remember all the sick folks, elderly, shut-ins, military, all those that need prayer. God is a big God.

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