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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope everyone had a great Easter week-end. Roger and I both got Good Friday off of work and we tried to get more done than possible, but we sure did give it our best effort.

We of course did a little work around the farm, and then I had to get started on our Easter plans. I waited until Saturday to get the eggs and candy for church and for my kids. That was a mistake. Springfield was crowded. I bought lots of candy and some eggs. I still like to do the old-fashioned dying  of the hard boiled eggs. My grandkids came down Saturday night while I was coloring and putting candy in eggs, so they helped me finish my task. I guess I spoil my grandkids, because I always hide just a few special eggs with a little bit of money in them.

Now on to the real meaning for our Easter season. We had a nice group of kids for church Sunday. We were even surprised by James and Linda Orick coming in for church. They said they had a wonderful sunrise service and their service had ended, so they came on over to join us. I sure miss not being in church with them all the time, but I know God has a reason and a purpose for the things  He takes us through.

We had several people sing specials for Easter, we sure appreciate them. Roger gave his Sunday school class chocolate trying to sweeten them up. Donald said we were just giving him strength to preach longer. He preached an Easter Sermon for us and then we had an altar call with several around the altar.

After church, some of the young men and ladies hid the candy and eggs for the kids. I told them they had to at least hide more than they ate. I was taking pictures so we will see.

The kids did have a great time and had their sacks and baskets full.

Because of so many having afternoon family plans, we did dismiss our evening services.

My family all came over about four in the afternoon and we hid eggs and candy, played games, ate eggs, snacked and mainly just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.

One of my patients at work today was telling me how she and her grandkids had spent their day on Easter and then she said that the most precious part was when her granddaughter sat down and told her the real story about Easter. Does your grandchild know the reason we celebrate this special day? Do they know that our Savior died on the cross for their sins? Do they know that He arose in three days and is alive and in heaven today? Talk to your children, tell them how much God loves them.

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