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Dogwood Ramblings

Patsy Williams reports that the Williams Clan had Easter dinner at Patsy’s home after regular Easter Sunday services at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.  Pleasant Ridge also had a sunrise service followed by breakfast.  The women of the William’s family prepared 700 eggs for the little ones and had their egg hunt Saturday evening after the men scattered the eggs in a field.  Jamey Herd was able to get to Pleasant Ridge on Sunday and played the piano for the service, this after a few doctor visits last week.

Easter Service at St. Leo’s was crowded and four of us provided the music.  A visiting priest was most interesting, a good homily.  There were only a dozen at my home for Easter Dinner.  Some great grandkids were here and there and everywhere playing as only children can do.  When I asked the three little ones what the day was about, they answered together about the death and rising of Jesus Christ. That certainly warmed my heart as I only see them about 3 – 4 times a year.  The family was all gone by 5:30 so grandma could sit and do nothing for awhile.  Recuperation time!  And Patsy agreed with me.

Randy managed to get many things done the past couple of days.  It seems the cattle need to be rotated often as the grass isn’t growing well without the needed rain.  He got the horses off pasture as one round of foundering was enough for us just a few years ago.  And, he got some fertilizer spread and the canopy got put up on the deck – just hope we don’t have nasty wind to damage it.  Randy came for breakfast Monday morning, gave praise for the rain.

Jeff Reeves came for a couple of hours last week so the Christmas lights are down, some leaves raked, the Naked Lady plants are all dug up.  They are beautiful when they flower but being a bulb plant they spread as fast as weeds if in the wrong place and I didn’t want them killing out the Passion Flower vines in my arbor, which don’t come up until June.

The junk mail continues, ad nauseam but political calls have slowed down.  E-mails are full of what is wrong with so many legislators.  As Willie used to say, “I’d rather vote for an old yeller dog!”  By the way, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill voted with some 40+ other democrats for us to come under the rule of the United Nations regarding guns and ammunition – their effort failed so guess we have a few legislators who are for the people.  Remember traitors to our Constitution when it comes time to vote!

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