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It seems I didn’t proof read carefully before sending off last week’s column and had to laugh at myself.  In the process of putting the column together I was giving some “dream names” and must have been interrupted because I named Tom Harmon.  It should have been Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon.  Oh well, I guess we are never too old to enjoy a little fantasy and it is good to laugh at oneself.

This is Holy Week, which means a very busy week at St. Leo’s when we remember the suffering and passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ – all for our salvation.  I recall daily all He went through but for the life of me, I cannot fathom the terrible suffering.  Suffering for you and for me, for all humanity!  Consider this gift and reject sin.

Some of the neighbors have had what they call “the ick”.  I’ve had a bout of it also.  However, Saturday I was taken to Red Lobster and had a divine meal and didn’t have to do the driving.

Pete Mooney of the Ava area is still undergoing chemo treatments and has his good days and his bad days.  A nephew of mine passed away a few days ago in North Dakota from multiple cancers.  Ron and Arlene have been visiting in Minnesota and North Dakota.  A handyman is supposed to be here this week and do some chores for me, weather permitting.  I’m not covering any plants for our forecast freeze and haven’t taken any plants outside yet.  A friend called from near Sacramento, CA and they are having the same unusual weather there as we are having here.

May you all have a Blessed Easter – remember to tell the children what this is all about.  The way our government is leading us our young children may not be able to pass this along to their children.  Many of my family will be here for Easter.  Tradition is wonderful.

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