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Dogwood Ramblings

Have you ever had a “Bucket List”, or at least something you have always wanted to see or do?  Apparently my “Bucket” has had a permanent leak.  I’ve never been able to spend a leisurely week in New Mexico and/or Arizona visiting ancient Indian sites, or going to ancestral areas in Norway or Germany.  I did make it across the borders into Mexico and Canada some 40+ years ago but, just across the borders.  The Smithsonian would be wonderful to visit, and I really should get to Quebec as that city was founded by my 9th great grandfather in 1609 or so.  God did bless me with two good husbands, such good men in fact that He recalled them to Himself.  He also blessed me with four good sons, several grandchildren and great grand-children.

Some time ago I had a fantasy or two, not fulfilled and never to be fulfilled.  But….it would be so nice to go out to a fancy, candle-lit restaurant with a friend where they bring a bottle of red wine, a crunchy salad, some lobster or prime rib, a nice large baked potato with all the trimmings.  Of course, these days I can’t finish such a meal and will never be able to look across the table and visit with Sean Connery or Tom Harmon or John Wayne or Abraham Lincoln (one of my sons would be great!).  Fifteen years ago Duke and I had found the perfect place in Springfield but sadly it closed as the owners split up.

Going through this week’s mail seeing the waste of paper, the waste of our trees that provide us with good air to breathe, just added to my sadness of how mankind is injuring our world.  Oil tanker spills, Chernobyl, forest fires, arson, speeding, driving while texting, slavery, abuses, denying or ignoring the existence of God.  Candidate after candidate and political group upon political group send me mail, each one asking for money, even from far away states, and that doesn’t count the mail from supposed good doers, some of which have been exposed as frauds.  I guess it is time to add another trash container so I can recycle all this paper – then perhaps it will be of use to someone.

Did you read through the Bear’s Den section in last week’s Herald?  Such a wonderful learning experience for the children!  Plaudits to the teachers and helpers!  They put in so many hours with this project.  Our thanks go to the Herald as well.  What About This? was also well written.

We’ve had some nice rains, a little noisy at times but the moisture is needed.  Don’t forget to pray for all as I pray for you.

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