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Dogwood Ramblings

An interesting week here what with so many phone calls from here and other states.  One cousin from Wisconsin called to share family news and her dismay at the route her church has gone, liberalism.  So, she is changing churches along with 52 other families from that church.  Granddaughter Lindsay called from California to visit and to let me know she will be visiting here in May.  A friend called from California to say that she was near the epicenter of an earthquake there but all is well with her, just a few things broken.  Having lived in California many, many years I am well acquainted with earth quakes.  My friend John, also in California, called to say the Sacramento area has received quite a bit of much needed rain.  Rachelle, up in New York, has been dealing with a nasty finger wound – I saw it on Facebook and “yech!”

Son Ryan called from Texas with some good news and some not so good.  Ryan’s son-in-law, Gary, just got the report he is now cancer free and Gary’s hair is starting to grow back.  Apparently San Antonio has been having unusual weather.  Ryan managed a trip to California to see family and some of his former students who have excelled in track and field, and managed to help with a big competition there.  The trip included a quickie to an ER for bruising and swelling in one arm and this seems to be resolving itself.

An e-mail arrived from one of my high school gals telling me of the 63rd reunion last weekend of the girls from my S’51 class.  This group started out with 50 of these gals and now is down to nine.   They had a good time and read my missive to them.  It would have been fun to join them.  A sister-in-law called to visit.  She has spent the winter in California but is now heading back home to Minnesota and is hoping that there’ll be no more snow when she gets home.  I’ve been offered a ride up and back but 12 hour hurried rides and multiple fast food places are no longer a pleasure to me.  In MN the family will be celebrating the 90th birthday of one of Willie’s sisters.  Only four of the Boeddeker siblings remain out of the original fourteen.

I ran out of propane and couldn’t be here when the driver came so he could check the pilot lights.  So, Bob & Dana came to open the house for him.  The driver forgot my hot water heater and later Bob came to get that going for me.  Best neighbors ever!

The deer have had the dogs carrying on just about every evening.  Dana got a picture of them – they appeared to be all young does.  It must be the acorns that bring them back.  No sign of black bears yet but I’m sure they are up and about.  The Naked Ladies plants are up and if you want any, please call and come and dig them up.

Twenty-six years ago at a National Farmer’s Organization national meeting I put forth the premise that this nation should have “Country of Origin Labeling” and it was accepted overwhelmingly by the organization.  Soon after, several other farm organizations got on this track.  It took a few years and lots of politicking to get it put to a vote by our Senate and House….and it passed.  Then, some federal judge (probably one with deep pockets) killed it.  Now, just look at the products you buy.  So many of them state where things are distributed from but NOT where produced.  To buy toothpaste, chocolate, light fixtures, etc. manufactured in this country is a big challenge.  Where are your shoes, sheets, towels, and light fixtures manufactured (just to mention a few items)?  Do make an effort to buy American produced goods and do try to purchase your needs in your own community.

Still silent up on this hill!  Perhaps I should just put this column to bed rather than ramble on!???

Patsy Williams reports they had a birthday party at Nick & Amanda’s for Ethan turning 5 and Liam turning 3.  They had pizza, cake, etc.  They had a birthday party in February for Scott’s son, Matthew who turned 2.  They also had birthday parties in Sparta for Alexander turning 1 and Trey turning 4.

Sunday night they had a singing at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, attended by many.  Debbie’s mother-in-law, Deborah Dryer has passed away.  Shirley Modar who lives down Green Acres Road off of “Z” has lost her husband after a long illness.  The funeral was held recently at Pleasant Ridge and later, the church presented Shirley with a bible.  Shirley works at Wal Mart in Ava.

Patsy says she is doing well and asked forgiveness for not “reporting in” sooner.

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