County Line

Donna came by several days this week.

On Saturday Donna, Megan, Macee and I went to lunch then shopping.

After they brought me home they went to the Ava Park for Macee to hunt eggs. Megan then went home with Albany Wallace.

Keith and Melanie Breeding and Quin took Reece to Springfield Saturday to play two soccer games. Erin Crum also went with them. Reece visited Erin on Sunday after church.

Quin Breeding spent Friday night with Mason Meyer for Mason’s birthday.

Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna and went to church with them.

Chase Dodson and Cody Huff went to watch a Bassmaster weigh in at Branson on Saturday.

Bryse Dodson played in a baseball tournament Saturday in Lebanon. He and The Bad News Bears took first place.

Tiffany Ayala and Adela werehonored with a birthday party on Sunday in Kansas. Adela turned one on April 1st and Tiffany’s birthday was April 6th.

John and Jo Stephens visited Lisa Stephens in Hartville Sunday. Jordan Hensley and Seth Hensley were also there. Donna saw Seth’s picture on Facebook. He was all dressed up for prom and looked very handsome.

Keith took some of the kids fishing this week.

Butch and Diana Davis came by on Saturday while I was gone.

Danny was in St. Louis working when the tornado went over. He said he didn’t see the damage, but heard it.