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Church of the Living God

God is so good to us, beautiful flowers starting to bloom, much needed rain and beautiful sunshine. Thank you Lord for your many blessings.

What does the resurrection morning mean to you, really mean to you?

It’s not easter eggs, pretty bunnies and new clothes.

Matthew 28 tells us at the end of the sabbath as it began to dawn the Marys came to see the sepulchre.

The angel of the Lord told them, verse 6, “He is not here, for he is risen. “That’s, what Easter is about.

In Acts 2:1-27, He did not leave us alone. He gave us the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and comfort us.

The evening service was great too. It was about following afar off. (Luke 22)

Peter followed afar off, he even sat down among them, When he was asked, “Are you one of them?” he denied he was,  three times. Have you ever denied Him? How close do you follow Him? Peter in Luke 22:62 went out and wept bitterly.

Sunday evening after the sermon we had a beautiful communion.

God will bless us, if we let Him.

Church of the Living God is starting a revival with Danny Cottengim, May 5, 7 p.m. Monday.

We are located at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

Come expecting and God will bless you.

Thought for the day, be careful who’s fire you warm by.

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