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4-20-14. What a beautiful Easter morning God has given. Thank you Lord for today’s blessing, yesterdays and all tomorrows you give us. Reading was from Psalms 52. Our Sunday school opened with Brother Lee Hampton giving the opening prayer. Our lesson today comes from Hebrews chapter 8. This chapter continues on the teaching of our priest Jesus Christ and how the law become the “old covenant” because He has established a new one. We continue on into the ninth chapter where we see our new covenant in Jesus who gave himself as a sacrifice. There was no forgiveness without the shedding of blood and the sacrifices had to be with no blemish. Every year, the high priest at an appointed time, would offer sacrifces for all; including himself. He was imperfect but praise God. Jesus, God’s only Son agreed with our Heavenly Father to come, shed his precious blood and be a one time sacrifice to cover sins past, present and future. Chapter 9 speaks of why the sacrifices were required. It says, “which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings and cardinal ordinances imposed on them until the time of reformation.” Those who refused to follow the commandments under the law were found in disobedience and forgiveness could not be attained. We today have fallen under this reformation and if we neglect to accept the free gift of Salvation through the blood shedding sacrifical death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there can be no blood covering to cover and hide our sins.

Congregational and special singing was such a blessing. Specials were given by an instrumental of keybaords with David Williams and Susie Sisco by reqest, as well as, Ronnie and Sue Thomas. Such wonderful songs God has inspired for a writer to pen and how they still bless the souls today. It was requested that Brother Cub (Joe) lead in song. All in all we had a great and spiritual song service and God I thank you for it was you who gave this blessing.

The message came from St. John chapter 20. This is  a well know scripture to the believers because this is why our hope is strong. Mary Magdalene came early and found the tomb had the stone taken away. She runs on to tell Peter, and the other disciples that someone had taken their Lord. Peter and the disciples went in and found the grave clothes made of linen wrapped together with the napkin that was bound around His head lying in a different place. The resurrection was not known yet. The disciples went away, but Mary Magdalene stayed and cried, stooping down to look in an empty tomb. She sees two angels in white sitting one at the head and the other at the feet where Jesus had been laid. The angels asked her, “Woman why weepest thou?” She answers them, “Someone had taken her Lord and she didn’t know where He was put.” When she made this reply, she turned and saw Jesus standing but she did not know it was Him. Later in the evening the disciples were assembled because they feared the Jews. Jesus came and stood in the midst of them saying, “Peace be unto you.” Jesus showed them His hands and His side that had been pierced. The disciples were glad and Jesus commissions them.

Now Thomas doubts and proclaims unless he sees the nail prints in His hands, feels them and thrust his hands into the piercing His side he wuld not believe. Eight days later, the disciples again assembled with the doors shut. Jesus appeared again. Immediately He calls to Thomas to see His hands and thrust his hand into the pierced side and he tells him to be not faithless, but believing. Thomas then recognizes him. Jesus blesses Thomas because he had seen Him and then believed.

Don’t forget the Fourth Sunday Singing will be at the Gentry Baptist Church. Be ready to worship in song and get a blessing from God our Father.

I pray your Easter holiday was very enjoyable and you receive more than just Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. May God bless and keep you and remember if you don’t have a church home, you are invited and very welcomed to join us at Breedon.

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