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4-13-14. Thank you God for another day and your blessings daily. Our Sunday school opened with the reading of Psalms 121. Our lesson today comes from Hebrews, chapter 7. Brother Danny Lee opens with prayer. This chapter is speaking of Melchisedec the no beginning and no record of his ending life. Melchisedec was the priest of most high God. Abraham paid tithes to Mechisedec and Levi as well even before his mortal birth. There was no record of him having  a father, mother, beginning or end. The writer here is comparing our high priest Jesus to the righteous priesthood of Melchisedec. At the time of the law, there was hope for the coming of the Supreme sacrifice to forever rid the infirmities and sins of mortal man. The priest would have to offer sacrifice for their own sins then offer sacrifices for the sins of others. Jesus with His coming, took care of all sacrifices from past, present and future by offering Himself once and for good for a blood covering of our sins. The law was not destroyed, rather fulfilled. No more animal sacrifices are needed. Jesus had no sin or infirmities as the past priests did and His priesthood continues forever more. All can have a covering for their sins through Jesus Christ and His cleansing blood. Salvation by Jesus doesn’t just drop on the entire population. Ther is a majority of people who will spend eternity in Hell. God’s word teaches this, but there will be a few who will enter the portals of Heaven. So many believe they can live their lives just as they please and then be saved when they want and enter Heaven. This is a great lie Satan himself wants you to believe because  he already knows what his end will be and he wants to take as many as he can with him. We war not with flesh rather there is a war for your soul. Where will you be? Will you ask Jesus into your heart to be your Saviour or will you follow this lie to spend enternity with Satan and his fallen angels? I pray you will claim the victory of Jesus’ saving power and ask Him for His saving mercy today.

We entered into congregational and special singing. Following, Brother “Cub” (Joe) took text from St. John, chapter three beginning with the ninth verse through the end of the chapter. This is a familiar text to most of us in that John 3:16 is in this chapter. In the days that Moses led the Jews from captivity from Egypt, they come upon serpents that would bite and the bite was fatal. God instructed Moses to make a brass serpent risen up on a pole and instructed Moses to tell His children to look up and they would not die. The evil that was there to destroy them was made in the same image but was touched by God for healing. Jesus took on the form of mortal man who became seperated from God through Adams’s sin. By one mans sin, also by one man’s righteousness we have a remedy for our sin. We are not condemned if we believe, but condemnation was already there to the unbeliever. The condemnation is our deeds are evil and men love darkness rather than light. Those that come to the light, God changes their desire and their works produce to follow God’s will. There is so much more this chapter teaches if you read on. It speaks of John the Baptist baptizing in Aenon to Salem. Some of John’s disciples questioned him about purifying and noted, “He that was with thee beyond Jordan to whom thou barest witness, behold the same baptizeth and all men come to Him (St. John 3-26.) John responds with, “A man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven. John has always told the followers he was not Christ, but was sent before Him and likened his relationship to Jesus Christ of the bridegroom’s and his friend. The friend hears the bridegroom’s voice and greatly rejoices thus his joy is fulfilled.

 John’s mission was being fulfilled as the fore runner to Christ and tells the believers that Jesus must increase, but he must decrease. Jesus has come and is above all. He speaks His testimony of His saving grace to all and those that receive it believe God is true to His promise to never leave us nor forsake us. God the Father has given all things to Jesus, His Son, because of His love for Him. He holds all things now in His hands; the same hands that were nailed to the cross. I don’t think God’s will could be any more plainer spoken in what He expects the human race to do. All that stands between Heaven and Hell is Jesus our high priest. Should you choose to reject God’s gift of His only Son to save you from a terrible fate coming through the wrath of Almighty God. If you believe that Jesus is God’s Son and accept Him as your Savior, He will intercede before God to spare you from eternal punishment. My prayer and hearts desire is you will open the doors of your heart and invite Jesus in when He comes knocking and you feel His holy conviction to repent of your sins.

I want to congratulate Callie Miller on her prize and say a big well done.

Remember the revival at Gentry will Brother Bob Husky evangelizing. Let’s pray for the lost and our country to get back to following God as the head of our nation.

Remember the sick and say a prayer for my granddaughter, Chayanne Sisco as she has to see a liver specialist in Kansas City. Remember those who have lost a loved one to the grave and let’s encourage one another as we travel this journey to our eternal home.

May God’s blessing pour all over you and have a great week in the Lord.

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