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It is good to have another Lord’s Day to come together. There has been a lot of sickness around and I hope and pray that it is coming to an end. I myself didn’t escape it and I substituted for the nurse at Sparta and sent home some students with the same symptoms. Everyone remember to wash your hands, especially after being in public. Trust me; this is not a stomach bug you want. Let’s remember those that are sick that they will recover completely.

Sunday school opened with the reading of Psalms 47. The Sunday school lesson came from Hebrews chapter 5 and 6. Read these chapters and renew your belief that God’s promise is true. His grace is sufficient to the true believer. I love Hebrews chapter 6 verse 15. Lets pray and encourage each other to press on to the promise of Heaven and life with Jesus for eternity. Help us Lord to endure that we may live on and on with you; praising you Holy Father with a song that not even the angels can sing, for they have not known your precious grace and mercy.

Our worship service had wonderful and spiritual congregational singing. I was glad my oldest sister and her husband, June and John Durden were able to attend here today. They live in Springfield and with gas prices what they are it is harder to travel longer distances. Dad (Cub Lafferty), June and I sang three specials. I hope some day all of us can get together and sing as a whole family again. When you have come from as big of a family that sings together as we did it is a blessing to sing together once more. Every song we did are great songs inspired by God to writers that give us hope in the promise of our Lord and Saviour.

The sermon was brought from St. Matthew chapter 4, the Temptation of Jesus. Satan the old liar tried to get the son of God to follow his bidding. Jesus had fasted 40 days and nights and no doubt he was hungry and possibly weak. Satan tried to hit Him where He was weakened to attempt Him to follow his wickedness thus destroying our hope. But thanks be to God Almighty this did not happen. Jesus was man just as He was God. He had the very same physical, emotional and spiritual senses we have. He was tempted and tried just as we are. He over come so that we could overcome and be saved by the shedding of His blood for a covering to our sinful souls. Praise Him for His saving grace. If He is calling to you please don’t delay. Accept Him before it is too late. Brother Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer and we were reminded that this Friday night is our monthly singing. Bring some refreshments and a heart ready to praise God and enjoy fellowship. May your week be full of God’s blessings and hope to see you Friday night.

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