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What a beautiful morning. I hesitated to say “spring” until a few more days have passed because of the recent return of winter, but God knowS what we need for our sustainance.

Our Sunday school began with the reading of the twenty-first Psalms. Opening prayer is given by Clara Lafferty. Our lesson is from Hebrews chapter three. A comparison of Jesus is made with Moses being faithful in leading God’s children out of bondage. This comparison is made, but showing Jesus as much greater. We are warned against hardening our hearts as those who formed so many miracles and wonders for forty years, yet some remained with unbelief. These were forbidden to enter the promised land. We must continue on in faith that God is true to His promise and He will lead us home through His Son, Jesus Christ. We can’t physically see or touch Him yet. We have to press on in faith believing God’s word. We must endure until the end as the Holy Spirit directs us. Not as others believe we should walk. Mortal people are not capable to instruct anyone. Only God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. This lesson continues on into the fourth chapter. Just as the unbeliever could not enter into rest in the promised land during Moses time, so will the unbeliever stand today when their lives end. Jesus is our High Priest and was tempted just as we are yet had no sin. There isn’t anything we endure that Jesus wasn’t tempted with. Only Jesus can save and direct our path that we should walk. We will fall by the way side if we count on someone else or our ownselves to get us to the promised rest God has waiting for us.

Our service went to our time of worship. After congregational and special singing, the sermon was brought by I Peter, chapter one. This message continues on with teaching faith in the one who was incorruptible who died that we may live Holy unto God. We can’t see, feel or hear with our physical senses that Jesus is here for us. Yet through faith our hope knows that our end will be safe with Jesus. Peter teaches that our faith is tried with fire that it may be found unto praise, honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. We have joy unspeakable and full of glory because we believe. Even though we can’t see Him, we love Him for only Jesus is the salvation for our souls. We were not redeemed with corruptible gold or silver. Praise God it was through the precious blood of Jesus, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot. All other things are going to wither and rot away. But the eternal saving power of Jesus is eternal and His word is forever.

We are praising God that Brother Ronnie Thomas received a good report from his physician. Continue to remember Debbie Snider (Kenny Wile’s daughter) during her chemotherapy treatments. The side effects can be very harsh and she had had some bad days. She bounced back though and becomes her chipper self. Let’s remember to pray for Brother Joe (Cub). He has not been feeling well for some time now and he spent last Sunday night in St. John’s Mercy Emergency Room. They treated him for inner ear at the hospital and his doctor saw him Friday, March 28. He seems to think it was food poisoning. He hasn’t got much better regardless of what the cause of illness was and I know he would appreciate your prayers. I thank you Lord for your blessings this pastweek and I ask God’s blessing to you and your family this week.

Remember to take time out to worship God this week and if you don’t have a home church, we would sure be glad to have you worship with us at Breedon. Again, may God bless you all and have a wonderful week.

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