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Bethany Baptist Church

The folks at Bethany Baptist Church enjoyed seeing an Easter Play, “Because He Lives,” during the Sunday School hour, Sunday morning. The characters, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Pontious Pilate, and the Roman Centurion, were played by Alan Stillings, Linda Armstrong, Jim Corder, and Nick Armstrong. The play was written and directed by Pastor Bob Sorensen with the able assistance of Darlene, who designed the costumes and the backdrops.  Darlene and daughter, Sally, sang the songs that went with the play accompanied by Norma Stillings at the piano.

The Jubilee Singers presented “The Day He Wore My Crown” during the evening service. It was directed by Dan Stillings. The Jubilee Singers had worked a long time with a lot of interruptions for bad weather at the start of the year.

This Sunday was a lovely day for the celebration of the Resurrection. The sun was shining and all the events of the day added to the joy of knowing that Jesus has risen, but there was sadness when the congregation learned of the death that morning of Bobbye Priddy who was one of the most faithful and beloved members of the church.

Bobbye was one that did not miss church, so when she had called to say that she was too sick to attend the Wednesday evening service a week ago and the Ladies’ Bible Study the next day, we knew that she must really be sick. Bobbye entered the hospital on Monday, April 14 with severe pneumonia and never recovered. Bobbye Priddy had come to us from Centropolis Community Church in Kansas City where she had attended with her husband, Bob Priddy until his death. Bobbye had moved to Ava so that her elderly mother, Neva Barner, could remain in her home.  Bobbye was an Ozark County native and graduated from Gainesville in the early 60’s. Bobbye will be missed.

A memorial service for Bobbye Priddy is planned for Monday, April 28 at 4:30 PM at Bethany Baptist Church.

In his message Sunday morning, Pastor Bob Sorensen said that the resurrection proved that Jesus was truly divine.  Many people died on Roman crosses, but only one was the “Holy One” of prophecy who arose from the dead as proclaimed in all the gospels, by the disciples in Acts 2:24, and by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Satan was defeated by this resurrection. Salvation is dependent on a belief in and acceptance of the resurrection of Christ. We have the power to live victoriously when our sin nature is crucified with Christ. We have victory over physical and spiritual death and an entrance into glory is promised. Jesus had demonstrated his power over death by raising people like Lazarus from the dead, but even his own disciples did not really understand until Jesus himself arose from the dead. They spent time with Jesus before he ascended into glory. Now they could say with confidence that he that hath Christ, hath life.

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