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Bethany Baptist Church

Joe and Pat Banks made a trip down south last week. After visiting with relatives and doing some trading, they left Chattanooga, Tennessee around 4:30 Sunday and drove back home in time to attend the Sunday evening Fellowship Supper at Bethany Baptist Church. They drove through Alabama to Memphis and on home from there. It seems that he got another old John Deere to add to his collection.

Jim and Ruby Corder had company from California last week. Her sisters, Virginia and Anna, had come for a family reunion, Friday at Branson.

Dan Stillings sang a special song, Sunday morning. Pastor Bob Sorensen preached his second message of five in a series on Easter, “The Betrayal of Christ.”

We can ask “Why did Judas betray Jesus?” Judas loved money more than he loved Jesus. He had been put in charge of the purse. He had been very angry when Mary poured the costly ointment on Jesus saying what a waste of money that was. Perhaps his position made him think that he was above having to account for his actions. Perhaps he thought that by this betrayal Jesus would now take the kingdom by force and that he would be the treasurer of that kingdom. For whatever reason, betrayal was in his heart. We may think we would never be so bad as to betray Jesus, but if we love our money more than we love Jesus and hold back our tithes and offerings, if we think too highly of ourselves, if we are hateful and spiteful in our relationships, careless and negligent in our calling, or even fail to serve the Lord at all, we are betraying our Lord.

There was some really good food brought in Sunday evening for the Fellowship Supper. After every one was well fed, they enjoyed hearing some special songs and testimonies. The Jubilee Singers sang, as well as, Dan Stillings and his mother, Norma Stillings, the Youth group sang” and Darlene Sorensen. There were also several testimonies to the grace and goodness of our Lord.

The Bethany Baptist Church Pizza and Movie night is planned for Friday, April 4 at 5:30 PM.  Pastor and Darlene Sorensen make the pizzas and will have them ready when people arrive. It is always a fun time even when the movie turns out to be a “tear jerker.”

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