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Bonnie Phipps went to church and Roy Freeman was there. He came home from the hospital Friday. Linda Sue stayed up there with him through his surgery and until he came home.

I took my news and eggs in last Monday.

I took eggs to Darlene Lister last Tuesday and visited with them for a while.

Wednesday I went to Ozark to visit my sister, Margaret Allen, and her daughter, Brenda Henslee. After we ate dinner I met my granddaughter, Brittany Kutz and took her a loaf of my bread then I headed to Springfield to Cox Hospital where I saw my great grandson, Owen Neal Blakey. He weighs 5 lbs. now then I went to see if Mary Martha Williams was through with her operation, but it was after three before she came out of the operation room so when they said she came through the operation just fine I left and went over to Deloris Vaughn’s home and Vernal and Ellen came and took me and Deloris to the Mexican Villa for supper then I stayed all night with them because it had started raining.

Thursay when I started home I stopped by the hospital to see how Mary Martha was doing and she was in lots of pain, then I went by Hellen Nettleton’s to see her and she wasn’t home so I came on home.

I forgot to look at my rain gage Thursday when I got home so when it rained that night I emptied the gage out Friday morning and had .2 in it. Saturday morning I emptied .3 more so all together I got .5 of an inch.

Friday I got to wash and hang out my bed sheets and they got dried.

Saturday Jeff Wilson came and brush hogged my place off and it sure looks nice and with a friend of his cut the limbs that were hanging down in the way for me.

Lakota Blakey came by and showed me her prom dress and it was beautiful on her.

Sherry, Kelsey and Bentlee came by and brought me some eggs and I went out to the car where Bentlee was to see him and he just sat there and grinned at me. He sure is growing.

Tom Williams called me Sunday morning and said Mary Martha was doing good and might get to come home Monday.

Sunday after church I went to the nursing home and they had the flu going around again so I just dropped the rolls off and got out of there.

Keep those prayers going for all our sick folks.

My prayers and sympathy go out to the Barnes families and all the others who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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