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All Around Bradleyville

We traveled to Minnesota last Thursday to witness and celebrate the marriage ceremony of our son, David Case to Amy Teerink on Saturday, April 12. It was a very nice trip and a wonderful wedding. It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day for the wedding. We got to meet Amy’s parents, her sister, and her brother and his family, as well, as many more family and friends. Everyone we met was very friendly, warm and gracious to us. All of David’s sisters and families were able to attend, except for Julie’s husband, Scott, who had just started a new job and had to work. My sister, Ginger, and her daughter, Sue, and her daughters, Deana and Kesha, also traveled there to be with David and Amy on their special day. We are very thankful for all of David and Amy’s friends and family that got to attend the wedding. Several friends from Missouri showed up along with friends from Colorado, Oklahoma, Indiana, Arkansas, and several made the long trip from Hawaii to be with them and share in their day.

Our trip home from the wedding was another story. It started raining about 15 minutes into our trip home and rained all the way home. Sometimes only a light misty rain, other times a hard to see out the windshield rain, but always enough to keep our squeaky windshield wipers going. It was aggravating at the least, in the unpopulated areas, and downright dangerous while going through somewhere like Kansas City. At one time, a car passed us going way over the speed limit and going way too fast for the driving conditions. He hit a pool of water, went into a skid and slid around in two complete circles right in front of us, crossed over three lanes of traffic and came to rest on the shoulder of the highway. Bob told me about him sliding in circles because I couldn’t see. When he went around us the whole pool of water splashed onto our windshield, causing me to drive blindly for around four or five seconds, which seemed like much longer. I was afraid to apply the brakes too hard because of all the traffic behind me, but couldn’t see what was in front of me either, so I just stayed in what I hoped was the same lane and braked as hard as I dared and prayed for the best. My prayers were answered, nobody else wrecked and the driver of that car wasn’t hurt either. We are very grateful and thankful for God’s hand of protection on us.

Congratulations to Ricky and Jody Thomas on the birth of their new daughter, Laycee Elaine Elizabeth Thomas. Laycee was born on Monday, April 14th at 4:20 in the morning. She weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. and was 21 inches long. She missed being born on her late grandfather Jeff Dalton’s birthday by one day. His birthday was on April 13. I saw a picture of her on facebook and she is a very pretty baby and looks almost identical to her big sister Baylee’s baby picture.

I saw several pictures of Spring Youth Turkey season turkeys that local kids have taken. I saw that Kambria Todd, Jake Robertson, Clayton Rains, Calvin Rains, Trinity Hunsaker, Karissa Chambers, Jacob Cantrell, Gavin Lux and Levi Lux, just to name a few, got good turkeys.

Birthdays for the coming week include: April 17: Aaron Blair, Heather Lorenzo, Zayden Swadley; April 19: Mackenzie Gilbert, Brandi Johnson, Savannah Norwine, Matthew Maggard, Waylon Stafford; April 20: Tanner Lux; April 21: Kelsie Horner; April 22: Braydon Maggard; April 23: Misty Harmon.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: April 19: Kyle and Kassidi Laughlin; April 23: Mac and Hester McBratney.

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