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All Around Bradleyville

What a soggy, sunny morning! Seems like spring may be here at last. We got a lot of rain although I don’t know how much since we don’t have our rain gauge set up. The cows got in the yard and knocked it over and we have neglected to put it back. I looked out my kitchen window this morning and in the low place where water stands there were two wild mallard ducks swimming around. A rabbit went hopping by on one side of the “pond” and two squirrels were wrestling around on the other side. A crow was strutting around a few feet away in the yard like he owned the place. Several redbirds and blue jays and other birds were flying and hopping about. Now that we don’t have any dogs running loose in the yard for the first time in many years the wildlife is taking over. I really enjoy watching all the critters, and I felt a little like I was in the middle of a Disney movie.

Margaret Dalton called to tell me about a gathering of friends. She said the class of ’62 has been meeting every once in a while to be together, visit and eat. She said recently they all met at the Belgian Waffle House in Ozark and a former coach, Ray Gibson and his wife, Nancy came to be with them. Ray Gibson was the coach of the 1962 Bradleyville State Championship team. They celebrated Coach Gibson’s 80th birthday. Ray and Nancy still live in Blue Eye. Those that gathered included: Ray and Nancy Gibson, Jack and Evelyn Wallace, Matt and Carolyn Wakely, Sam and Judy Clemans, Karen Dunn and friend, Leonard, Brenda Roberts, Harold and Kathy Goodnight, Charlotte Roberts and Dude Davidson, Leon Boyd, Roy and Deb Combs, and Bob and Margaret Dalton.

The volleyball tournament held at Bradleyville School last Saturday to raise money for a mission trip was a great success. The tournament raised around $900 to go towards a mission trip that several in the area are planning.

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Birthdays for the coming week include: April 10: Shirley Hall, Sharon Maggard, Beverly Smith; April 11: Ryan Flanigan; April 12: Kelsie Thomas; April 13: Sonny Guerin, Brandon Maggard, Cole Thomas; April 14: Levi Baker, Justin Chaney, Toby Davis, Hayden Day, Max Powell; April 15: Susan Mooney; April 16: Betty Swadley.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: April 14: Mike and Nancy Howie.

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